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Card Bugs / Sprawling Castle - wrong decision maker
18 March 2017, 02:40:31 PM
I played a game with Castles and Governor. At one point, my opponent decided to Remodel his Opulant Castle into a Sprawling Castle in response to my Governor play.

The game then went on to let me decide whether my opponent should gain a Duchy or 3 Estates.

Unfortunately I accidentally closed the tab before writing down the game number, but I assume it can be recreated.
Interface Issues / Undo + Hermit issue
09 January 2017, 06:00:37 PM
Just run into a bug with Hermit and the Undo function:

Game #206198 on oregon.

I accidentally did not trash with Hermit and wanted to correct. After the undo, the log still lists the cards in my discard pile, but they no longer show up on the screen.
Game #2402 on frankfurt-test2.

I played a bot game before. After that, a player joined the table, we started the game, he was first. On my screen, it said "Waiting for Lord Rattington".
AI bugs / Bot buys last Province for the loss
17 December 2016, 02:27:24 PM
Game #2399 on frankfurst-test2.

In the last turn, Lord Rattington buys a Province, causing a tie in VP, and loses due to turn count. This should never happen, right?
Game Log Issues / Secret passage says "topdeck"
13 December 2016, 06:49:51 PM
No matter where I put a card with Secret Passage, the log will always tell me it has been "topdecked".
13 December 2016, 03:34:51 PM
Game #448 on frankfurt-test2.

This features Crown, Black Market, Royal Carriage. I play Crown during a Black Market play, Crowning Market. Afterwards, I get the option to call Royal Carriage, correctly. But the log only says:

"You PLAY_INSTRUCTIONS a Market and...
Call Royal Carriage"
Feature Requests / Remove useless decisions
13 December 2016, 10:38:09 AM

there are still some things that could be accelerated by removing decisions that don't have any impact. Some things I noticed:

- Paying off Debt after the last buy of your last turn (e.g. with Capital).
- giving reveal options to your opponent (Young Witch, Gladiator, Tournament) when it's clear that they cannot possess the card in question