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Just like how when I hover over my name it reveals the Reserve/Duration Cards.  That way, when I have a Forager and want to see if there's already a Coin of the Realm in the trash, it's just a quick peek instead of two clicks.  Clicking would still set the trash to replace the log.

Kind regards,
Hertz Doughnut:  here's a question... why isn't debt in the middle next to "1 action, 2 Buys, $6"
Seprix:  Because you don't pay with debt
Hertz Doughnut:  so easy to miss it in the lower left corner
Seprix:  But yeah it could be on the very rght corner
Seprix:  of the bar
Hertz Doughnut:  yeah
Seprix:  good idea, post it in suggestions
Hertz Doughnut:  also, coin tokens... same thing

[edit: I think it should be in the middle bar during your turn... and the lower left corner during their turn]
Here's an easy one to fix now.
Here's an easy one to fix now.
Here's an easy one to fix now.
Feature Requests / Re: Kid mode
01 April 2017, 08:28:40 AM
Quote from: werothegreat on 01 April 2017, 06:18:44 AM
What, exactly, is scary about Fortune Tellers, Mystics and Soothsayers?

I don't know how Fortune Tellers get their clairvoyance in your neck of the woods, but here in the American Midwest, they consult demons. ;)

For Mystic and Soothsayer, we also have the artwork.
Maybe instead of trying to find good matches through a process of elimination (e.g. blacklist, reputation system), we could proactively try to match people by their own preferences.

Perhaps have each player fill out a profile. For example... 

How long should the average game of Dominion take? And then give players a slider between 5 minutes and 60 minutes.

How do you feel about resigning? I encourage it. I'm neutral. Please don't.

What languages do you understand?

Do you enjoy chatting while playing?

How strict are you on undos?

Maybe this info isn't even used for matching, but it shows up on the game screen next to the players' names (or pops up when you hover over their name). That would be a somewhat simple way of communicating one's preferences and hopefully preemptively avoiding hurt feelings.

Kind regards,
Game Log Issues / Plural for embargo
16 March 2017, 12:46:50 AM
Log says embargos.

Google says embargoes.

Kind regards,
Maybe the reputation system can be based on concrete things. Like it goes down when you disconnect instead of resign.

Kind regards,
Other Bugs / Re: Load Log "Internal Error"
13 March 2017, 03:32:58 PM
Here's one of my league matches that doesn't load:

Kind regards,
Thanks for the reply, Philip.  I guess that also explains why we have games hosted in Frankfurt and Tokyo.

I'm curious... I speak not Japanese.  Is there a possibility of me being paired with someone who logged into the Japanese version when I click "Good Match"?

Kind regards,
General Discussion / Re: Infinite game
10 March 2017, 09:45:06 PM
Quote from: Stef on 06 March 2017, 03:43:09 PM
Most sensible resolution would be to agree on a draw, but the interface doesn't support that yet.

I'd be very cautious about introducing draws-by-agreement.  It hasn't gone well for competitive chess.

Maybe make it conditional... like only if both players have debt and no gains have been made for 5 turns.

Kind regards,
I agree with Wero.  My guess is that it's relatively simple to add language support... just add a column to the database and insert the text that was donated by volunteers.  Very little testing is required, because all the cards already function correctly.

And yet, the potential payoff is huge.  Thus, any entrepreneur would prioritize those types of projects first.

Kind regards,
PS I believe the days off were well deserved. This is an amazing accomplishment for two people!  I hope you go to bed smiling about what you've created. :)