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Log-In tab not responding. Tried tips from previous postings without success.
I've been trying to connect for hours - always same results - cannot connect to server! :(
Playing Bots x 2. At start of game, Swindler affecting both Bots, but later in game Swindler only affecting one other player instead of all!
Bug Reports / Alert: Trading Post trouble
23 October 2018, 03:59:46 PM
 10/23/18 Trading Post not allowing cards to be selected for trashing/trading!
Thanks so much for the opportunity to offer Feedback. Here are my most concise responses:

1) Campaigns against Bots: Yes! Not a day goes by that I don't miss the Campaigns! Please bring them back!
2) A Bot with a setting for different play styles: Yes, I would find that a plus.
3) A strong bot: Perhaps a choice for novice to most experienced players? Myself - yes
4) Timed Games: Not for me personally
5) Undo Settings option: Yes; I would use & appreciate
6) Mini-Tournaments: Not for me personally
7) Invite specific players to a table: Yes!
8) More translations: Not for me, but would likely increase usage globally
9) Better animation when cards played: I am currently satisfied, but better animation is always more enticing to players
10) Hide Log option: Not a personal need, but might be appreciated
11) Android App: No; not for me personally
12) iPhone App: No, but iPad would be fantastic!
13) Logs could be downloaded: Yes, but not a priority
14) Improved Moderation: Not a problem for me personally
15) Dominion Tutorial: Definitely for new players! Not needed personally
16) Online tutorial: Definitely for new players! And would be appreciated for new cards / expansions, as in the hard-copy enclosures.

And, THANK YOU for the extended subscription - it's awesome to be appreciated for being a longtime player / subscriber!
AI bugs / Farming Village
08 January 2017, 01:52:59 PM
Farming Village does not search deck for Action & Traesure cards.