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I encountered him too and reported him but he admitted to have several accounts. 3333333, 232323, 7777777 and many more following the same scheme for his name. He is also irata.
If it is my own turn and I click on one of these cards for close inspection, the text of the card cannot be read because the end button overlays the card.
General Discussion / Re: Releases
05 July 2020, 06:03:36 PM
I agree with the other posters about the new button. The new placement leads to unintentional clicking and it's especially bad on an 10" tablet. When I selected a card with my fingers I activated the end actions button with the knuckles of my pinkie as it's too close to the cards area.
The coloring adds to that. It's like on those cookie pages where the green button yells at you to accept all cookies while the settings button is small in b/w and you have to make an effort to select it.
I don't care much for the enlarged log and the different chat.
I tried but typing in a number didn't work. It's only the slider to position at the right number.
I know how to use the slider but it's awkward to use. You click on the arrow 10 times and the position of the arrow moves too and you have to pinpoint the exact place with the mouse to hit the arrow. Too far right the bid jumps 10 up, too far left it goes 5 down again. Use it 10 x and you know what I mean
The ability to enter an exact number for mountain pass would be much better than this slider. It's very hard to hit the exact number on this slider while it jumps forward and back. Any other way would be better.
Feature Requests / Re: Volume Slider
31 May 2020, 12:23:59 PM
I support this. I don't want to annoy my surroundings with loud beeps from the game so I always set my browser sound level to very low but that affects ALL Tabs. Game only would be great.
Other Bugs / Black market in Black market deck
25 May 2020, 02:38:10 PM
Since the black market is already in the supply it shouldn't be in the black market deck.
As mentioned before in another post I can't change the settings for the matching screen  when playing on an Android device (rated game, opponent level etc) all the settings you find on the main settng screen.
Because I played more on an tablet recentlY, I noticed this also applies to the number of players at a table. The  minimum and maximum players cannot be changed on a tablet, I need to switch to my pc to do that. The other settings for the table on the second screen for the kingdom cards can be changed.
It is also hard to navigate on the My table page. The buttons and the chat line are often scrolled out of sight on he bottom of the screen and it's often impossible to scroll the screen to reach them and activate the game.
I'm playing on an Medion tablet with Android 7 and chrome browser
AI bugs / Rattington stopped playing after Wayfarer
31 March 2020, 10:20:33 PM
#38390226 Turn 11 after opponent resigned
37560008 on ohio

In turn 8 I bought a province and a monastery with a quarry in play. The price displayed for wayfarer was 2. With Quarry, I could buy 3 wayfarer for the price of 0.
That price was correct but the price displayed on the card was 2 though it should be 0 with the deduction from quarry.

k draws a Copper, a Quarry, a Paddock, a Wayfarer and a Horse.

k plays a Horse.
k draws a Pouch and a Snowy Village.
k gets +1 Action.
k returns a Horse to the Horse pile.
k plays a Snowy Village.
k draws a Silver.
k gets +4 Actions.
k gets +1 Buy.
k plays a Paddock.
k gets +$2.
k gains 2 Horses.
k plays a Wayfarer.
k draws a Copper and 2 Snowy Villages.
k gains a Silver.
k plays a Snowy Village.
k draws a Silver.
k gets +1 Buy.
k plays a Snowy Village.
k draws a Horse.
k gets +1 Buy.
k plays 2 Silvers and 2 Coppers. (+$6)
k plays a Pouch. (+$1)
k gets +1 Buy.
k plays a Quarry. (+$1)
k buys and gains a Province.
k buys and gains a Monastery.
k buys and gains 3 Wayfarers.
Thanks for the info. I was assuming you had the release ready and were only waiting for the go from RGG. I hope everything goes fine with the release.
I know that the release of the new edition is scheduled for the 18th of March both online and in sale.
Most of Europe is about to lock down or already has. So maybe it would be a good idea to release the online version of Menagerie already on Monday instead of Wednesday. Why?
People are supposed to stay at home and minimize contact with others. A premature release of the online version would give them an incentive to stay at home and isolate and they wouldn't feel so bad about it either.
Just an idea but maybe you think about it.
Card Bugs / Squire + Possession
04 February 2020, 11:23:33 AM
game 35440936 I just played a game where there were no attack cards in the supply except Possession. The Possession card does not say Attack only Action. I assumed I wouldn't get an attack card when trashing Squire but I got a Possession.
I don't have to tolerate this and so should no other user!!!

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