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Connection Problems / Re: Login button does not respond
23 February 2022, 07:28:08 AM
Is there a response to this issue somewhere?

Me too.

Chrome.  Windows 10 Desktop.
Apparently this shows some time other than my local time, so my comment was shortly after the other posts--not 17 or 18 hours later.

I don't see a downtime announced in "Announcements".

Can someone respond?  I want to play!
Let me add my voice to the crowd.  My "Login" button doesn't work either.  I played it earlier today, now it doesn't work for me.

It seems like the system is in a downtime now, the other messages on this thread if I understand it correctly were something like 17 or 18 hours ago, but there doesn't appear to be a response or additional messages since that time. 

This doesn't make sense.
I'm having problems getting the software to work.

The "LOGIN" button simply won't work for me.

Please advise.
Bug Reports / Re: How to report bugs
19 February 2022, 10:10:05 PM
For the last week or so, I've been getting some garbage graphics when playing the game.

System:  Windows 10
Browser:  Google Chrome


Well, that didn't work very well.  I can paste it in a text editor, but for some reason I can't paste it here.

Please advise.  "Computer" is not my first language. 

I just looked at some of the other parts of this forum, and found that some of the stuff I was asking for in my feedback is already here! (Like tournaments and ratings.)  I guess that tells you how observant I am, eh?

Please disregard the parts of my feedback that appear ignorant.  I really use the game in one very specific manner, so I'm not all that well versed about it otherwise.

Thanks again!

Hi Stef,

My username is Rok.

I left my comments at the end of this cut and paste section, but I will try to address each issue independently.

1. Try to keep it short & concise
2. Try to describe your own personal wishes, not what you think is best for others.
3. Please make actual points in these posts (instead of refering to earlier posts making points)

Here are some features we have on our wishlist; please let me know if you would appreciate/use them:
1. An offline client, allowing you to play campaigns against bots

I really don't know what a "campaign" is.  If you mean a game against a bot without going online, that would be helpful to me.  I just play the game one on one with a single bot.

2. A bot with a setting for different play styles

I would like that.

3. A strong bot.

Varying strengths of bots would be great. 

4. Options for timed games

I don't play against other players, but I imagine that would be helpful if you were playing against a slow player.

5. Options for undo settings

I don't know what that means.

6. Online mini-tournaments; the option to easily create one for you & your friends.

I don't play against friends in online Dominion.  I do play the regular card game at parties, but I really prefer playing against other players in person rather than online.  Although the online version is much much quicker, and I like that.

7. Option to invite specific players to your table

I wouldn't use that.

8. More translations (to what language?)

I only speak English, or U.S. English, or whatever you call it.

9. Better animations when cards are gained/bought/played/...

I think it is fine the way it is.

10. Better visualization of split piles, Archive/Crypt contents, Prince targets, ...

Yeah, I guess that stuff would be good.  I really don't understand what all that means, though.

10. Option to hide the log

I don't really need that.  My screen is big and the log is fine.

11. Android app (or just improved compatibility?)

I only play the game on my PC (Windows 10.)  I don't play games on my phone.

12. iPhone app (or just improved compatibility?)

I don't have an iPhone, but I do play the game on my iPad (Air).  I really liked when I could play it on my iPad.

13. Downloadable game logs

I don't think I would use that.

14. Improved moderation (dealing with chat abuse, slowplayers, ...)

I'm probably the slow player--that's why I like play against the bots they don't get upset.

15. Tutorial on how to play Dominion

I pretty much know how to play the game.

16. Tutorial on how to play dominion online

Yep, that would be helpful.

One of the things I missed was having a rating that went up and down depending on how well I did in matches--both against the bots, and against real players.  I don't think you have that now, do you?

If you had some tournaments that might spark my interest in playing against others--I might even learn how to play faster.

The following is the part I wrote first before answering the above questions.  (Thanks for this opportunity to give feedback.)

Hi Stef,

My username is Rok

Pretty much the only thing I do with online Dominion is to play me vs. one bot and try to beat it.  I usually win, but not always.  It is kind of a zen/meditation thing for me. Kind of like doing a crossword or a sudoku  I like to use all the cards, but lately, there has been a very limited number of cards that come up and I don't know why.

I presume that's happening because I need to pay again, but I've received no communication from you folks in my e-mail or anywhere else--at least not any that I've found.  That is, until I saw the message about the free 6 months for some feedback.

When you folks took over about a year ago, I thought that the format was not as good as the other company's format, but that was mostly because I was used to the old interface.  I now do just fine with your interface, but basically I would just like it to be easy to log in, easy to pay you folks whatever you need to keep it going, and get the new cards whenever they are produced.

I really like that you brought a bunch of new cards to the game when you initially took over.  For the most part, the game plays well, especially for my limited use.

If there was some way to contact you folks through the game for problems--like the same small group of cards coming up all the time, that would be a helpful addition.

Above this I cut and pasted your original list of the issues you wanted addressed.  I'll go back and try to answer those withing the text I copied and pasted.

Thanks for letting us give feedback.

For the most part I'm happy with your service, but I really am not a heavy user.

Support / Re: Can't Get Into the Game
03 January 2017, 04:37:47 AM

First I tried MS Edge:  Logged onto the special link to register as an old user.  The site said Edge wasn't supported and to proceed at my own risk.  I proceeded anyway and got the background, but was locked out because....well because I was locked out.

Next, I tried Firefox (which I really don't know how to use.)  Went to special sign in URL:  IT WORKED!  Had to upgrade Firefox since I never use it.  Tried the link again and it DIDN'T work...apparently because that link is ONLY for signing in people who had old accounts but who had never signed in before.

So, then I tried Google Chrome AGAIN but with the normal sign-in URL and now that I was registered, I could sign in, buy stuff, and play.

Sorry, but it is pretty janky.  I'm not worried about the money, and I'll give it a chance.  I'm sure you are overwhelmed right now, and improvements will be made.  There are plenty of people bitching at you folks, so I won't join the chorus.  I'm glad I can get my daily Dominion fix even if it isn't as good or comfortable as it was. It looks like your play-testers are a lot less critical than I would have been.

Thanks for your help up to this point.

I'm just posting this so you can help others.
Support / Re: Can't Get Into the Game
03 January 2017, 02:55:17 AM
Quote from: Watno on 02 January 2017, 01:54:32 PM
Quote from: Rok on 02 January 2017, 04:12:03 AM

(#3) There were two links to new game (or client, or whatever you want to call it).  One for the URL to the game, the other was a "special" link for those of us who had made purchases from the old game from Goko.  I pushed that button and it came up with the same base graphic as the standard URL, but WITHOUT THE SIGN-IN WINDOW!  i did that a couple of times and found out that the link to the forum worked.

We are aware of problems with email delivery and working on it, but this part is new to me. Have you tried using a different browser?

No, I thought you had problems with IE, and I didn't see the other's I've used listed, like Edge, as being supported.  I wonder if having the pop-up blocker on in Google Chrome might be causing it...naw that wouldn't be it because it shows up on the regular URL, just not on the special one.

I'll try MS Edge and see if that works.

Support / Re: Email
02 January 2017, 04:48:50 AM
Quote from: DrexelUK on 01 January 2017, 02:30:29 AM
I was thinking they went out prior to release - thank you for the clarification

Mine arrived a day after they sent the spam folder.  So maybe they did send them all out prior to release and a bunch got stuck somewhere in route.

So I experienced what you did, initially.

Now if I could only sign into the game.

Good luck.
Support / Re: Can't Get Into the Game
02 January 2017, 04:13:51 AM
Forgot to mention:

I'm using a Windows 10 PC.  Using Google Chrome.  Plenty of memory and all that jazz.
Support / Can't Get Into the Game
02 January 2017, 04:12:03 AM
I don't know where you would like this posted, so I'll just start a new thread:

(#1) I didn't get the e-mail initially.  Looked for it everywhere including in Spam.  I tried to create my old account in the new client, but it said my name was "reserved", that's good, but I couldn't sign in.

(#2) Attempted to log into the forum system.  Was told that a verification e-mail was sent.  I looked for it, and it wasn't sent.  Tried to log onto the forum and it had a button to resend the e-mail.  I did that twice and still no verification e-mail, but when looking for it, I noticed that the original e-mail about my old account at Goko had showed up in my "spam" folder dated yesterday.  (IT DEFINITELY WASN'T THERE BEFORE.) Still no confirm e-mail for the forums.

(#3) There were two links to new game (or client, or whatever you want to call it).  One for the URL to the game, the other was a "special" link for those of us who had made purchases from the old game from Goko.  I pushed that button and it came up with the same base graphic as the standard URL, but WITHOUT THE SIGN-IN WINDOW!  i did that a couple of times and found out that the link to the forum worked.

(#4) After pressing that, I decided to check my e-mail again, and I FOUND the confirmation e-mail for this forum system and managed to get logged in.

(5)  I tried Logging in a couple of more times on the standard URL, NO DICE.

(6)  I tried Logging in a couple of more times using the special link,  NO DICE.

I can't play your game because I can't sign in.

PLEASE ADVISE how I should proceed.

Thanks in advance.