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Where will the bracket, match results, round start/end dates, match discussion, communication with mods, etc. happen? Here, or, or discord, or some other medium, or multiple mediums, or what? I was very confused by this last year. If it happens on discord, shouldn't signups include discord username? I don't see anything regarding this in the rules. Maybe it should me mentioned there? Thanks.
Dominion Online Championship 2018 / Re: Round 1 pairings
17 September 2018, 08:44:35 PM
Sorry if I missed it but is there a link or anything to the full bracket?
Dan Brooks: 4
Dingan: 3
Dingan: 3.5
joshnicholas: 1.5
Dingan: 4
Polk5440: 3
Dingan: 4
Morghas: 1
Dingan: 4
webnesto: 0