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I do have pre-moves selected, but don't recall having selected Feodum. Maybe I accidentally touched it, but, again, I don't think I did.
Support / Turn played automatically. I did nothing
31 March 2022, 03:36:53 AM
Just played a game in which one of my turns happened without me having done anything:

Game #98415193

Turn 5. denti playing

I did not touch my screen or keyboard. It went straight from my opponent's turn 4 to their turn 5 (or 5 to 6, I forget).

Is this a bug?
Support / New version doesn’t work with ipad
22 February 2022, 03:09:03 AM
I can't see part of the screen on the ipad. Will this be fixed or is it incompatible?
General Discussion / Re: Chat accusation “BOT” ?
05 November 2021, 12:55:50 PM
I wasn't playing slow at all, so I don't get the accusation. They were just mad they lost, I guess.
General Discussion / Chat accusation “BOT” ?
05 November 2021, 02:32:28 AM
So I played two games against the same user just now. First game I lost. I should've known not to play the same user again, since they were commenting on my plays, never an auspicious sign of good game behavior. Anyway, the second game I won fair and square. As soon as the game ended the player wrote "BOT" and then "BLOCKED" in the chat and left.

First, were they accusing me of being? or using a bot? Is that even possible? I assume it's meant as an insult ("you wouldn't have won if you didn't cheat").

Second, the game number does not appear after the game ends. This would be useful for reporting users (which I don't plan to do in this case). Is there a way to see it after the game has ended or do I have to do a screenshot with every game to be sure I have it?
Support / Re: Accused of playing slow
04 September 2020, 10:25:27 PM
No, I'm talking about the verbal abuse on chat during the game.
Support / Re: Accused of playing slow
04 September 2020, 04:11:02 PM
OK, good to know. Thanks. I've blacklisted this player ("both" players). My question is: if enough people blacklist him is this grounds for being banned? He threatened to "use a bot to slow play every turn 3 minutes" if I continued. That's rude and aggressive in a totally unacceptable way.
Support / Re: Accused of playing slow
04 September 2020, 03:34:29 AM
Wow, it just happened again with someone whose name is very similar to the first one who did this. Constant badgering during play about how slow I am. I'm taking *normal* length turns. This is really upsetting.
Support / Accused of playing slow
04 September 2020, 12:46:04 AM
I just played a game against someone ranked 3-4 points higher than I am and I was doing very well, so the player starting accusing me of playing slow. It was obvious they were upset about losing, but I was playing pretty fast, actually, not at all slow. I find this kind of pestering during a game unacceptable and have reported the player, but I was wondering about what is *actually* considered slow playing. Can I take 10 seconds to play or is that considered slow? (I was taking 1-2 seconds maximum in this game.)
Well, it wouldn't do it for me. I even did an "undo" and then tried again.
I didn't note the game ID, but it was the last game I played and it was rated.

Name is: denti.alligator
Bug Reports / Avanto wouldn’t chain with Sauna
28 July 2020, 03:34:35 AM
I just played a game in which Avanto wouldn't chain with Sauna, which I drew with the Avanto. That is how it works, right? Or does the Sauna have to be in hand before the draw? I assume this is a bug. I probably would have won the game if it had chained,