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Interface Issues / Interface problem with Treasurer
12 February 2021, 06:05:53 AM
I encountered the following scenario:
- I played Treasurer
- I'm prompted 3 options: take the key, trash a card or do nothing
- I selected a card from my hand
- But then, I clicked "Take the key"
- My selected card still had the cross-mark and couldn't be played on that turn
I guess refreshing the page would fix it.
AI bugs / Bot frozen on certain cards
12 February 2021, 05:41:58 AM
I think this might be reported before, but I will just report it here.
Bots are frozen on certain cards, I don't remember all of them, but here are some cards I remember:
- Engineer: bot can't decide whether to trash or not.
- Scepter: bot can't decide which card to repeat.
I will update this list when I encounter similar issue.

Also, may I ask if Shuffle iT is hiring a software engineer (either onsite or remotely)? I can't find any hiring information online.