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I get extremely slow card loading without any hint of the cards being cached, either on Safari or Brave: Choosing Select Kingdom Cards and resetting all packages (so all cards are in the list) is agonizingly slow. Then, picking any card forces the whole list to be loaded from the cheap cards forward, over and over. Setting up a game can take almost as long as a game this way.

So I can look up cards by name but not by cost  -- It would be great if I typed '5' and all the cards that cost 5 would show so I don't have to inch forward scrolling as the list loads the cheaper cards. 

It wasn't this way 4-5 months ago, before the time the card list became sorted by cost.

It's frankly almost unusable, at least the way I prefer to do things. Rethinking my subscription.  Macbook Air, 500MB connection.
Support / Re: Bugs Noticed in Latest Release(s)
16 December 2022, 04:44:19 AM
I've noticed this on mac with safari Version 16.0 (17614., 17614) and Brave(Chrome variant) latest version -- and additionally examining cards for black market, the card pops under the 3 black market card window.
Terrible experience here (1min+ refresh when select cards table list initial load AND after picking each card, slow loading of each card requiring either a loooong click or many clicks). Mac on Brave v1.46.144, shields down.

Almost unusable.
Feature Requests / Kingdom Card screen basics
04 March 2021, 05:53:02 AM
Two very basic needs for the Select Kingdom Cards screen:

1. Clear Selection button needs a confirmation dialog. It's very close to the Done button and a magnet for stray clicks, and takes effect immediately and mercilessly.

2. Basic undo for the last card selected or de-selected. A stray click on a selected card (say attempting to read it's contents) immediately removes it back to the larger pack, with no trace of which card it was. Macbooks are especially easy to confuse right(double-finger) clicks with left(single) clicks, so please provide a way to gracefully undo or at least know which card was last moved.