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Bug Reports / Highwayman didnt applay debuff
27 September 2023, 09:24:36 AM

in the game #130988293 the higway man didnt aplied its debuff to the opponetnt in turn 15 fo Stubsdich. My opponent had no Lighthouse in play, the attack of the Tortorer worked fine.

could u implement a easier way of sorting cards, which are topdecked at the end of a turn, eg the scheme does. It would be nice if a drag and drop was possible.
Feature Requests / Autoplay for Merchant Camps
14 September 2022, 05:02:09 PM
it would be nice for the merchant camps to say via auto play topdec a maximum of n merchancamps andiscard the reset
Feature Requests / Impressum
14 September 2022, 07:56:13 AM
I couldnt see any impressum on the page.
Feature Requests / Easy Report mechanic
14 September 2022, 07:55:37 AM
it would be nice if there is a easy way to get to the reporting google doc, e.g. a button with opens the link. It took me a few min to find this.