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Card Bugs / Re: Ferryman and magpie
04 March 2024, 05:34:41 PM
Thanks, that explanation makes sense! I will try to rewrite the Wiki.
Card Bugs / Ferryman and magpie
04 March 2024, 12:41:19 AM
In the setup, game #140589707 on frankfurt, Magpie is the special pile for Ferryman, playing a magpie and revealing a non-treasure gains a Magpie. The rules (at least the Wiki) says the Ferryman special pile can't be gained in any way other than gaining a Ferryman.
Card Bugs / Autoplay Coin of the Realm
13 September 2023, 06:57:18 AM
Autoplay should allow you to call Coin of The Realm when doing so would cause me to have three unique treasures for the purpose of buying Wealthy Village, even when there is no ohter use for calling it.
When playing in French, if the opponent plays a Sword, you are told to discard down to (missing number) cards.
game #101096875 on oregon.

Turn 16 for DF90, after his first play of Royal Blacksmith, among the visible cards in his hand to me are one or two shanty towns which blink constantly and reload. At this point, the log doesn't change and it appears to me he has frozen after playing the Royal Blacksmith. However, he keeps playing several cards till at one point he gains a Skirmisher and has to wait for me to discard. After a minute where we are both waiting for each other, he types in the chat and we realize we are off synch. We do a hard refresh and I "catch up" after it.
When you spend many favors to stack with order of astrologers, the clicking appears to have the opposite convention from Ghost Ship, e.g. the card that you click first winds up being the highest card in the physical deck after the shuffle, rather than the lowest.

General Discussion / Re: Unable to log-in?
02 April 2022, 08:00:25 PM
Interface Issues / Silos + Crafter's Guild
27 March 2022, 03:30:56 PM
At the start of my turn in Game #98188650 on Tokyo, on a few different turns, I want to do neither Silos nor Crafter's Guild. The correct way to do this is to click "Silos" and do nothing, and then the option to do nothing for Crafter's Guild appears. If I instead click Crafter's Guild first, there's no way to do nothing.
Thanks! It makes sense, although a UX thing to consider for the future is the "I don't want to buy anything" button shows up near where the "play all treasures" button is respected, which can lead to a bad misclick!
(title says it all!) This is game #97301558 on frankfurt
This is game #87337003 on oregon. Turn ten I play a bunch of cards and then click Bonfire. I want to trash two coppers, but clicking twice on the copper file ends the buy phase and moves me to the wine-merchant-discarding part of cleanup, because the relevant button has moved directly over the coppers. My opponent let me undo and fix this; it happened again but there was a tiny part of the copper still clickable.
Game #51864173 on tokyo.

I play a Treasury, and I play an Expand using Way of the Frog. The cleanup dialogue correctly gives the choice to order the topdecking of the Treasury and the Expand, but the art shows a Scheme next to Expand; there's no Scheme in the kingdom.
Interface Issues / Incomplete Translation in Log
16 June 2020, 08:15:38 PM
When playing in French the event Seize The Day is translated but the name of the extra turn in the logs is still in English.
Interface Issues / Which Traveler to not exchange
21 September 2019, 11:22:54 PM
Say you play Band of Misfits or Overlord as Page, then a normal Page. At the end of the turn, you have the option to choose to exchange two Pages for Treasure Hunters. This is correct, but of course you'd generally not want to exchange the BoM (or Overlod) and would want to exchange the "real" Page. It would be nice if there were a visual way to tell which was which.