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This badly affects cards like Hamlet, because if you click "Discard for Buy" (which is appearing first), you can't click "Discard for Action".

Interface Issues / Card names cut off in prompts
16 June 2022, 08:45:00 AM
I've seen this happen many times.  When a card name appears in a prompt, only the first word of the card name is shown, the rest of the card name is missing.

This screenshot shows a prompt showing "Consider the way you play a Silk", and the word 'Merchant' is missing.
My browser window is set to fill half the screen of a 1920x1080 display.   (960x1040 size window)

Right now, all the prompts where the game has you choose something, the choices are displayed in reverse order, making it very easy to hit the opposite of what you intended.
I see this happen all the time.

After a match ends, you can click "Ready" to try to join the next match.
But often, the Ready button deselects itself.
I get this about once every 3 games.  It's happening all the time.
Just saw this happen. 
Had just returned an Encampment (making the pile no longer empty) at the end of the game, and the End Game summary screen listed Tower giving -6 VP.
How to Play / Scepter playing Duration card as Way
12 December 2021, 04:00:07 AM
When a Scepter plays a Duration card as a Way (such as Way of the Monkey), should the scepter stay in play the next turn?  I saw it do this.
Interface Issues / {{$ctrl.getTitleText()}}
01 May 2021, 03:38:07 AM
Here's a new one...  Saw this after someone resigned.

I was just wondering about the interaction between Keep and Capitalism.  After buying capitalism, actions with coins are treasures _during your turn_.

So at the end of the game, it's no longer your turn, and the actions aren't treasures anymore?

I see the game handles it as if they are not treasures.
I see this message: "Server connection was closed or could not be established"

And in the Console, I see this:

WebSocket connection to 'wss://'; failed: Error in connection establishment: net::ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID
n.connect @ objects.js:1545

Edit: Also looks like the certificate for has 5 days left on it.
Working great now, big thanks.
I often run the web browser in half screen mode, for a size of 960 pixels wide.
You cannot click on the leftmost or rightmost button because the ribbon border is extending about 72 pixels into the main screen, and those cover up the buttons.  You'd need to click on the rightmost 1/3 of the Matching button, or the leftmost 1/3 of the Account button.  The center won't work.

Attached a screenshot.  You can't click in the red highlighted areas.

Edit: See CSS style "pointer-events: none;" for a possible solution.
Interface Issues / Game Crash
14 April 2019, 03:50:21 AM
Got a crash on game #25577285 on oregon, it says it's waiting for me to take an action but I have nothing available to do.
Connection Problems / Re: Game is super slow
13 March 2019, 04:29:46 AM
Hit the lag of doom, game is probably not continuing.  Can't reconnect either.
Having to wait 20 seconds before the results screen appears is kind of a big deal, you can't rematch, and your opponent can't tell that you haven't loaded the results screen yet.