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How to Play / Re: Dominion Online Official FAQ
19 January 2018, 04:41:47 PM
What a nice surprise this morning, my Dominion in French, I am very happy! Loulou
One day I bought Dominion from Goko thinking i will have it forever. This turned out not to be true, and I am unhappy. I was very happy with your new version that just ended, I played often. Thanks for the open communication. I appreciate the extra half year of subscription. My username is Loulou. I really appreciate all the work you are doing to make this game so interesting to play.

I play the Dominion board game every week, I have eight boxes of cards and I like to play on my computer. I wish I could continue.

I would love a version offline because I still play against the computer, 1 bot, I never play with a human opponent. Being able to play offline would be useful if it were available on Apple for mobile use without an internet connection on my tablet.

My table game is in French, I would appreciate having the cards in French on a game in my computer.

A real campaign mode would also be very good, as in the old version that was played on the internetl Goko, Making Fun. I loved playing each extension at my choice.

A big improvement for me would be a feature of replaying a game with the same cards, it would allow me to try new approaches to improve my game.

Another important thing for me is just the overall polish and quality of the game's UI. This includes your 9-10 points. Namely, better graphical displays of all game states (and state changes) so that the use of the log is fundamentally optional. Better animations when cards are won / bought / played / ... Yes, especially for cards that reveal and discard cards. I do not like that I almost always have to look at the log to figure out what just happened. I think there might be a short delay when my opponent does things, he plays an action that affects me but does not require any contribution from me, that he buys a card, ... leave it on screen for a short time to have a chance to see it.

Options for timed games: Not interested, I like to take my time. Already games are moving faster than I would like.

A tutorial on how to play Dominion would be very useful for newcomers.

A tutorial on how to play dominion online would be useful too.

Hoping that these few comments will help you to continue to improve Dominion.