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Many buttons seem to only have the correct text and location when the browser window is maximized. I use the default browser window size and buttons are cut off screen with no scroll bar, are hidden behind other interface items, cover other interface items, and have text that is too big for the button/area it should be in.

Maximizing is a workaround for maybe all of the issues (and generally only by maximizing--dragging to resize does not fix it until at or very close to full screen), but I shouldn't have to maximize just to have it look correct--a problem I never once had with the previous interface.

I went through a few pages and recorded what I saw:
"View Card Pools" overlaps the + for increasing card pool level
"Friends" box right side is behind blue and red banner

My Table
"Load Old Game" and "Clear Selection" text leak off of button edges
"Friends Only" under allow spectators is behind "Game Options" box border
"Leave Table" text leaks off of button edges
"Ready/Not Ready" dot is on top of "Host" icon instead of next to it

Vertical scroll bar is entirely behind red and blue banner on right side
Usernames longer than 9 characters obscured by players-at-table icons (the bronze and grey meeples)

There are issues like this on literally every page with effects that range from ugly but usable to hiding functions. Most are instantly noticeable, but there are also some that crop up, like if you score more than 99 points and the 3 digits can't fit on the VP icon at the end of the game (or "Coffers?" hiding total coin value as has been mentioned elsewhere).

I'm using Firefox 98.0.2 64-bit on a MacMini with macOS Big Sur 11.6.5
This forum does not appear to be encrypted with HTTPS (tried on Firefox and Safari using MacOS). I use strong, unique passwords, but that is not the norm and even for those of us with unique passwords it's still an unnecessary security risk.

There is zero reason for a website not to be encrypted in 2022, especially not one that is asking for passwords. For more information:

HTTPS can be obtained for free with Let's Encrypt