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Card Bugs / Possession bugs (Wild Hunt; Undo)
11 January 2017, 09:08:35 AM
game #250924 on oregon.

Wild Hunt doesn't gain points on possession turn, example log:

Turn 13 - Voy [Possession]
V plays a Wild Hunt.
d gains an Estate.

Points just stayed on the pile.

That you can undo on possession turns is already known, I believe.
Quote from: Yariv on 08 January 2017, 12:42:54 AM
Indeed, the errata exists. The Issue I have with it is simple, it means that in order to know the rules for a game that consists only of cards from Prosperity and Alchemy, you need to read the Empires rulebook. It used to be the case that the only rules you needed were the general rules for Base and every expansion in the game, plus rules for the cards actually in the game. Now you can have a game where Empires cards are not allowed, and still you need its rulebook, and that's the problem with errata.

Also, this are not the actual rules (as established here). The possessing player would not get Pirate Ship tokens. This rule, as far as I know, doesn't appear in any rulebook, and here's a further problem with errata.

It's ok to be disappointed, the VP interaction led to some interesting games. The problem is that the debt tokens would make Possession very annoying.

Also the way it is now, Bishop-Possession games are a lot more pleasant now
Card Bugs / Re: Counterfeit + Coin of the Realm
07 January 2017, 01:55:59 PM
You're right, Counterfeit loses track of the coin just like Procession does with Reserve action cards.

However there is indeed a visual bug here, it looks like there are 2 Coins on the mat, but the second disappears when calling one of them.
Card Bugs / Re: Masterpiece overpay
13 December 2016, 02:49:20 PM
What device were you playing on? Presumably touch screen?
Card Bugs / Re: Scavenger discard-deck not optional
13 December 2016, 02:48:33 PM
Did you get the "continue" and "discard" button and it discarded regardless of what you clicked or did it just discard without having to click anything? I don't seem to be able to reproduce it.
Card Bugs / Re: Tower missed Plunder
13 December 2016, 09:45:39 AM
Quote from: LibraryAdventurer on 13 December 2016, 06:27:26 AM
Quote from: drsteelhammer on 12 December 2016, 05:54:36 PM
Yep, Tower and Keep are not yet listed  in the end game screen. Was the score in any game incorrect?
We played a Cultist game with Tower where it was especially hard to tell if the score is correct or not without being able to see the final deck composition, but I'm not sure if it counted the ruins.

It definitely counted ruins correctly before so I'm confident that's correct.
Card Bugs / Re: Tower missed Plunder
12 December 2016, 05:54:36 PM
Yep, Tower and Keep are not yet listed  in the end game screen. Was the score in any game incorrect?
Other Bugs / Re: Can undo other players' actions
11 December 2016, 02:34:37 PM
Yes you can undo everything for testing purposes, it will be different live (please be kind to your testing opponents!)
Feature Requests / Re: Observations as a new player
10 December 2016, 11:29:00 PM
Just one quick note:

There is a counter for your debt, it's the little red hexagon on the left side of your screen (next to vp and coin tokens). Maybe you played a game with Fortune? I think it's still missing for that.

How to Play / Getting started
10 December 2016, 06:06:57 PM
Hello and welcome to ShuffleIT forum!

Here are the things you should know about:

1) There are some text commands available in-game on the new client. Those will be replaced by buttons at a later point:

/resign - Leads you to immediate loss and the end of the game.
/lobby - Allows you to leave the game as a spectator.
/bg 1...8 - Lets you choose one of the 8 the background pictures. /bg 0 is no picture.
/undo n - Lets you undo n actions
/undo - Shows little dots in the log at the beginning of each stroke. Clicking on one of them returns you to that state of the game.
/who - Shows you the names of playing/spectating people

2) Some things to keep in mind when you're playing:

- If you want to start a game, open a table wait for someone to join. If you want to play a bot, just open a two-player (or 3p) table and start the game.
- If you want to maximize a card and read what's written on it, right-click it. Left clicking purchases the card (in the buy phase).
- There is currently no visual representation of the Trash mat, Tavern mat or a place where your duration cards on opponents turns. If you want to see which cards are in the trash, scroll up the log to the very beginning.
- There are some actions such as calling reserves card that you have to do via the log. There will appear a blue line on the bottom of the log that you can click, if such an action is available to you.
- The client makes trivial decision for you (e.g. Lookout/Envoy revealing only Coppers).
- You can buy cards and events buy clicking on them during the buy phase. You will automatically play as many treasures as needed for this. Don't use this feature if you need to play another treasure afterwards (e.g Horn of Plenty), when you want to use multiple buys, when buying debt cards or for any other reason that makes you want to play more treasures than needed (e.g. Basilica). If you make a mistake using this, don't forget that you're able to /undo that.

3) If you want to report any technical issues you had, post it here with the device you have, the browser you play on and the name of the game (e.g. Frankfurt #138, it is written in the beginning of the game in chat).
If you spot a gameplay related bug, please post it here.
Important: If you're getting stuck, try refreshing the page. If you log back in, you'll get automatically back to your table. It may occur that you'll receive an error "already logged in". Just type in your username and password and click on the "kick" button instead of logging in. If the kick was successful, you can login afterwards and still get back to your game.

4) You can spectate any board you want (if the game is not closed for it) by clicking "Spectate" near the table you want to look at. Also, there is a chat where you can chat with the players and other spectators, unless the table settings forbid chatting between players and spectators. You can set your own preference in your personal settings. We recommend not forbidding any chatting during the beta, as it makes communication easier.

5) Here are some parts you should definitely test if applicable:

- There are still some issues with touch screen devices: right-click may not always work and dragging cards (e.g. Cartographer; Coin token slider) may cause difficulties as well. Please give us feedback about that if it's not working on your device.
- Some non-english characters may not work correctly on different browsers/devices.

If you have any further questions about getting started, please ask them here!