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"Crown" Logic

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Quote from: randomjoyz on 12 January 2017, 08:33:47 PM
Whatever is implemented I would rather be implemented to crown card as a whole, not only in the edge case of not having any action cards left. Because this is not an edge case, you can jump to your buy phase and crown treasures regardless of if you do or don't have other actions in your hand. If things are not consistent, it is confusing for the user.

The reason I disagree with this is that when you have a bunch of actions left that you could play (but don't want to for some reason), no one is getting confused and clicking Crown expecting for it to be a treasure. When you still have a hand full of playable actions, it's much more obvious that you're still in your action phase than when you have a hand full of treasures.

I'd rather just fix the one situation where the card is causing misplays. This prevents the card from being annoying when you're just doubling actions like normal. Yeah, it's not consistent, but the inconsistency is worth it.


they might if the last time they played it, they were prompted an option to jump to buy phase


It also occurred to me that Arena is another special case where you need to have the current phase well-defined when you click Crown.

(Though, you'd generally want to click it (to either Play or Discard) in your Buy Phase with a hand of Crown, Copper x4 and not your Action Phase.)


Implementing a button "Play as Action" in the case where you have Crown and no more Action cards in hand is a option.
Like when you have a option to trash cards but you also can continue playing Actions.

I know that Stef won't want to change that though.


Quote from: Diedre on 27 January 2017, 12:05:13 PM
Implementing a button "Play as Action" in the case where you have Crown and no more Action cards in hand is a option.

Further back in the thread, people explained that you don't actually play Crown "as" an action or a treasure. You always play it as an "action/treasure" but during a specific phase of your turn.

While that argument may be true, I still think the "play as action" or "play as treasure" options are the simplest and most intuitive way of wording the choice. I know Donald places a lot of emphasis on simple wording when designing cards, and I'm assuming that preference carries over to the online implementation. This wording is functionally the same, and everyone understands what it means.


I've played against several people who unwittingly play Crown sub-optimally (i.e. as an action when they have no actions). I usually point it out and offer to Undo a step. Sometimes they take me up on it.

I think this is evidence that the current interface for Crown needs to be fixed. 


The easiest solution would be to add two buttons if you play crown as the last action card in your hand. One would say 'play as action' and the other would say 'play as treasure'. This would solve everything including the +card thing since you wouldn't get the card until you chose whether to play it as a treasure or as an action. You could also ignore the prompt and simply play one of your treasures (which would then be crowned). If you had +card on crown in that case then you would simply draw the card after crowning (which is technically the wrong order but it is your own fault that you didn't get to see the card you drew before crowning).

edit: I only read the first page, so I'm glad to see now that others came to similar conclusions


Quote from: Stef on 25 January 2017, 06:00:43 PM
We have no plans to change Butcher.

We have no plans to change Crown either.

However, two features are planned that will improve the Crown experience:
1) we will add autoplay at some point. At that point Crown will get an autoplay "automatically end my action phase when the only actions I have in hand are Crowns" which will by default be on. People can decide to turn it off in individual games if that's what they want.
2) we will add an undo-mode that automatically grants undo when there is no new info. That mode will also be the default.


It's funny that their autoplay solution was one of the options immediately suggested in this thread, but then it was shot down because of all the times where that makes it play wrong (obviously, turning the feature off in an individual game will fix it when there's an edge case).

I DO think that behavior is the best/most intuitive long-term solution though.


To reemphasize, there is no such thing as "Play as Action" and "Play as Treasure".  People keep suggesting this, and it is fundamentally incorrect. Crown is an Action and a Treasure; you don't choose which you play it as; it is always both, so it is always played as both.  It depends only on what phase you play it in.  (Consider playing Crown during Black Market resolution.)


Hmm.. doesn't Butcher need to be fixed so that you have the choice to empty Coin Tokens?

Edit: I guess I probably should have read that thread.