Small suggestion regarding forum account creation

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This is partially my fault for not reading carefully but I spent almost a whole day thinking the account registration page captcha was broken.  Because I was entering the captcha twice (I mean, there are two identical boxes) and was repeatedly told I was not entering the correct validation info.

It took me carefully stepping through repro steps with the intent of reporting it on Discord for me to notice that there was a completely separate question to answer just underneath the captcha.

First, asking a completely arbitrary non-captcha question is super weird, so I don't feel too bad about not expecting that, though I do feel silly for not reading more carefully.

Second, what is the intent of that second question?  The set of questions is obviously fixed - anybody who wants to automate account creation can just brute force discover and then hardcode the answers.  Plus asking game-specific questions before your customers can get help just seems like a really bad idea; it can ONLY discourage newbies and potential customers.  So unless this is actually solving a very specific problem, I would drop it completely.  (Side note: I personally can't remember seeing this in over 20 years of signing up for online accounts, so I'm skeptical that it solves a real problem.)

Third, assuming I'm missing something and there is a very good reason to have the question, why is it not clearly and obviously separate from the captcha?  At the very least, it should be bold or above the captcha.  It definitely shouldn't be a tiny question with the input box 100% identical and aligned with the captcha box.

I know it probably seems trivial but I wasted a fair amount of time on this (again, partially my fault) and can't help but think that it's hurting the game in ways that you don't have great visibility into.


Thanks for the report.

I don't remember if the captcha was always there. Around a year ago we had a spam attack, and it might be that the captcha was introdocued at that time, but I'm just not sure. I remember when I signed up  early 2018 that the Silver question was there.

I'll ask if maybe one of them can be disabled.