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So, with Nocturne going live and no plans for an offline version in sight: What happens to the legacy MF purchases after December 31st? Will they expire completely? Will matches against bots still be possible with the purchased sets?

Nirol the Wise

I would also like to know what happens with us legacy MF players after December 31st.


Add another player to the list of those wanting to know what will be done for those of us who have been WAITING PATIENTLY for the offline version that was promised a YEAR ago and which Shuffle iT just seems to be trying to sweep under the rug.  This is NOT good customer service!!! 

I feel like Shuffle iT are just trying to sell subscriptions and don't really care about those of us that aren't interested in them.  If we won't consent to continually paying you, then we don't count.  This makes me feel that I totally wasted my money on the previous version of the game (which I still think was WAY better for solo play).  This makes me VERY, VERY reluctant to give you any MORE of my money. 


Have you actually given Shuffle iT any money? If yes, I assume, only for adding Empires and maybe Nocturne to your free subscription? In that case, so far you have gotten one free year of online play with all previous sets. I certainly understand that you would like to get an offline version (which has not been available with Goko or MF) for free as well, but in your situation I would rather hope that the company which is to build this freebie for you does rather well. Somehow, it seems quite natural to me that paying customers are more important to a provider than those only wanting free gifts, so the focus on improving the online play first might be understandable. Luckily for everyone waiting for an online client, Stef has said that an improved AI is quite high on the list of priorities, and that is the #1 precondition for an offline version. Of course, the development of a secure stand-alone version of the server code is not a trivial task either.


I am also still not very happy with how this has turned out.  Yes, I am happy the game is still available, yes I freaking LOVE this game!  However, I dished out money with MF as well, thinking I was set like other games I've purchased through Steam or Google Play.  Once you buy them, they're yours.  I was extremely upset when MF was dumped and we were switched to a new provider and told we'd have to start paying a subscription for something I already paid for.

Yes, I got a free year.  That year is now coming to an end.  While I appreciate it, this doesn't change the fact that I already paid for the expansions and I'm being asked to pay more.  The anger has passed.  I'm just really disappointed.

I too have been waiting for an offline version.  I only play bots anyway, so this would be perfect for me.  I'm happy to pay to add additional expansions as they're released, just like Catan on Google Play (which I've owned for years and haven't been asked for another cent!), and maybe something REASONABLE for the software itself with a GUARANTEE to keep it without being hassled for more money.  If anybody reading this has some black market hacked offline version that's functional, for the love of god please hit me up!

I think making those of us that bought expansions with MF for a subscription to something we already paid for isn't right.  But you have the power and you know it, so you're using it.  Money makes the world go around and sadly, people get greedy and take advantage of others.  I will sadly probably pay you because I LOVE THIS GAME!  Just know that I really, really hate this and think it sucks.

Jacob Marley

We've been through this many times already, but I'll go ahead and say it again.  SHuffleIt is a DIFFERENT product than Goko/MF.  Yes, they are based on the same physical game, but legally what ShuffleIt offers is not what you paid for.  Basically, there are two alternatives here.  One, Goko/MF could just have gone away and left nothing at all for on-line play, or two, RGG could give the license to another company so that there would be online dominion.  Jay chose the latter, and I'm glad he did.  However it may feel to you, ShuffleIt doesn't owe you anything. IF you don't want to pay, fine, that's your choice, and you can always play the base set and promos for free, but going on the forum of the company that makes the game and asking for a pirated version is pretty brazenly trollish behavior.


Quote from: bananny on 15 December 2017, 04:30:05 AM
I am also still not very happy with how this has turned out....

The surprising thing to me is that you seem to be pissed at me providing you the free year, instead of the people that took your money based on a lie. In what universe am I the one trying to hassle you? What do you think I could have done differently? (and please don't come up with solutions that require a time machine)


Quote from: Stef on 15 December 2017, 10:17:31 AM
What do you think I could have done differently? (and please don't come up with solutions that require a time machine)

I've said this multiple times.  Provide updates.  Communicate.  Etc...
Perhaps I'm recalling things poorly here, but I thought the deal offered was either 1 year of online subscription or an offline client.  Then it was changed to you'll get the subscription for up to a year, and then when the offline client was ready switch to it instead of completing the subscription.  Now the year is up and people who were hoping for the offline client are saying.... What happens now?  So tell us... what is happening with the offline client.  Is it still coming?  Will those who had purchased it from MF still be able to get those from the Offline client?

Unfortunately, whether it was your intention or not people thought the offline client was going to be available in January.  When it wasn't they thought early in the year.  Repeat.  Now that the year is over I don't think it's unreasonable that people want to know what happens next.  There was an assumption made (perhaps a poor one) that the offline client would be available before the subscription expired.  All of this could have been mitigated with clear communication.  Instead of waiting for people to ask "Where's the offline client?" "What happens now that my subscription is expiring?"  Etc... If a clear statement were made it would be something you could point to, instead of fighting these fires that keep popping up.

The other thing that seems to have happened (whether reality or not) is that it was understood that the offering of an offline client/year subscription choice was part of the contract agreement you signed with Donald X. and Rio Grande Games to get the contract in the first place.

Anyhow,  Thank you for the free year.  I have topped up my subscription several times.  I look forward to hearing any offical news and would encourage you to continue working on being as transparent on what you are working on and providing rough timelines and updates as you can.  I think you'll find that people are understanding when you provide updates that indicate things like "Offline Client forecast for Fall 2017"  "Offline Client bumped to Spring 2018 due to shifting priorities of new expansion"  "Offline client bumped to Fall 2018 due to complexity of framework" etc.. etc..  These updates indicate that it hasn't been forgotten.  Otherwise people will fill in the blanks with their own theories.

Again thanks for the hard work.  Keep aiming for greatness.

Linda B

Given that we were told that there would be an offline version if we waited, and that happy players bring you more paying players, it seems that providing updated information to those who had an investment in MF's product, and stayed through the transition on your word that there would be an offline version, would be wise.

Will you please tell us what the plans are? 


I am also waiting eagerly for the offline version and would like to know where we're at, considering the courtesy subscription has now ended.


Hi, would I be able to purchase a subscription for a single set of cards? The sets I normally play with are the ones in the Silver subscription and Alchemy and I don't wanna pay for the full upgrade to gold if I'm only using the one extra set.


At the moment this is not possible. The only options are buying Silver or Gold subscriptions.

Nirol the Wise

When it was announced that Shuffle iT was taking over the Dominion online license, I read it as Donald X./ RGG was revoking/ choosing not to renew MF's license so that Shuffle iT could pursue their implementation. If that's the case I feel that there is an obligation to those of us who had purchased the game from MF to honor that purchase. If my reading was incorrect and MF was the one who made the decision to drop Dominion (and given the unfinished state of the current implementation at launch that maybe makes more sense?) I guess maybe I don't really have as much reason to be pissed off.

As much as I love the game, I don't think It's worth $50 a year. I guess my physical cards are going to get some action again.

Jacob Marley

RGG did not drop MF in order to give the license to ShuffleIt.  RGG dropped MF because the contract with, and performance of, MF was not satisfactory to RGG.  ShuffleIt won the license based on a prototype build they submitted after the decision to drop MF was made.  So, ShuffleIt really does not have any obligation to MF customers, but gave a free year anyway.