Whats the difference beetween the matching options

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What's the difference between quick match, good match, wait for expansions. Does good match always have all cards? Do familiar cards olny apply in quick match?


Yes I would also like to know.

This should be explained in the client. Some kind of ?, and when you click it it shows you what the difference is.


In is in this FAQ http://forum.shuffleit.nl/index.php?topic=1100.0

I want to play a 2 player game right now. What do I do?
Go to the Matching tab. Click "Bot Match" if you would like to play a bot (currently not the best AI), click "Bot Match" and you'll instantly start a game. Otherwise, you can click "Quick Match" or "Good Match". "Quick Match" will pair you up with the first available person, and both of your Familiar Cards lists will be respected. "Good Match" will take longer, but will pair you with someone close to your skill level, and their Familiar Cards list will not impact the game. More on Familiar Cards later on.