Known Bot Issues

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  • when opponent plays Vault while bot's hand is empty
  • when playing Lurker or Graverobber
  • when opponent play Envoy from Herald
  • when opponent plays Possession, at the start of your next turn (in this case, you can continue by reconnecting)
  • princed develop is sometimes brings up "Waiting for Lord rattington" at start of turn (

Clearly stupid plays:

  • playing Bank first
  • trashing valuable cards
  • sometimes trashing whole deck
  • always naming Gold for Contraband
  • not using Counterfeit to trash (but still buying lots)
  • buying Potions and not using them
  • buying Estate while affected by Swamp Hag
  • choosing Estate to be discarded for Envoy/action when there are no actions left
  • ends the game while behind
  • not using moat
  • not guessing known top card with Mystic
  • always discarding to Torturer
  • not revealing Provinces for Tournament
  • buying Estate with Baths in the kingdom
  • not revealing with Legionary
  • overvaluing some cards and buying nothing else