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Known Card Bugs

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Modifications in April 2019:

  • 19-04-08:
  • 19-04-17:

    • Added (now fixed) Band of Misfits/Overlord as Walled Garden, Page or Peasant bug that causes the game not to trigger the discard-related effects if those cards are copied.


Modifications in May 2019:


    Modifications in July 2019:

    Start of the month brought confirmation that Dominion Online can continue to work until end of 2021. The changes in the client to reflect that also brought a few bug fixes, in

    • 19-07-01:

      • Inheritance and Outpost bug was fixed, that incorrectly had the played Estate (inheriting an Outpost) give an extra turn, even though the 2E Outpost effect cares about being named Outpost.
      • Overlord/Band of Misfits: no self-trashing as Mining Village bug was fixed.
      • Citadel + Crossroads/Outpost bug was fixed that did not respect the "if first time played" conditions on Crossroads/Outpost on the second playing due to Citadel.

    • 19-07-19: (new version

      • Overlord/Band of Misfits + Walled Village/Peasant/Page/Lighthouse bug was fixed, that prevented topdecking/exchanging/exchanging/protecting from attacks, when the copy cards copied the mentioned cards.
      • Scepter playing card from trash bug was fixed, that sometimes allowed a card played twice but later gone from play (usually into the trash) to be played by Scepter from wherever it was now.
      • Hireling played at start of turn bug was fixed, that didn't give the +1 Card effect for the turn it was played.



    Modifications in September 2019:

    • 19-09-03:

    • 19-09-05:

      • Added (now fixed) Encampment/Captain bug that returns an Encampment played via Captain (and no Gold/Plunder revealed) to its supply pile, even if it has been gained in the mean time and is in somebody's discard pile.

    • 19-09-07:

      • The Encampment/Captain bug from two days ago has been fixed.

    • 19-09-15:

      • Finished adding bugs described by Jeebus in this forum post. They mostly deal with problems on landmarks and with cards like Band of Misfits that can be triggered with Innovation.


Modifications in November 2019:

  • 19-11-05:

    • Added Mining Village/Villager bot bug that freezes the game if a bot plays Mining Village and has Villagers and no other Action cards in hand.
    • After the recent errata for (previously) "shapeshifting cards" (Band of Misfits, Estate under Inheritance) I cleaned up their bug list, all of them are gone now (with the execption of a small UI problem). Also looked at other bugs where I know that the implementaion has changed to recheck if the bugs are still there (some yes, some no).
  • 19-11-28:

    • Added Crown/Scepter bug that freezes the game if you play Crown --> Scepter --> same Crown --> (doubled) Treasure in your buy phase.


Modifications in December 2019:

  • 19-12-03:

    • Added (now fixed) Mint/Swamp Hag bug that freezes the game if you buy a Mint when under attack by a Swamp Hag.
  • 19-12-29:

    • Added -1$ Token/autobuy bug that makes it impossible to buy a card costing at least $1 via autobuy if you have no Treasure in hand but some Coffers.



Modifications in January 2020:

  • 20-01-02:

    • Modified (now fixed) Mint buying bug that freezes the game if you buy a Mint when affected by Swamp Hag to also happen when effected by Haggler.


Modifications in July 2020:

  • 20-07-27:

    • I started to update the Known Card Bugs list as per crlundy's remarks here.
  • 20-07-28:

    • Removed fixed bug that Crown autoplay will not activate if other conditions are fullfilled but the player has Villagers. Note that since Menagerie, Crown autoplay will not activate if there is a Way in the kingdom.
  • 20-07-29:

    • Removed fixed bug that Duplicate would not be discarded at the correct time when called during opponent's turn (namely during the Cleanup of that turn). Menagerie with Black Cat and Falconer made the underlying problem come up much more often that before.
    • Added Crop Rotation bug that is the equivalent of the Fool bug about start of turn.
    • Removed fixed visual bug that an inherited Estate in the discard pile under Quarry's effect would show the incorrect cost of $2. Menagerie's Wayfarer/Fisherman/Destrier made an overhaul of the cost showing code necessary.
    • Removed fixed bug that could happen if you used Crown/Counterfeit on Magic Lamp and Magic Lamp was the 7th+ unique card.
    • Removed fixed bug where buying Mint triggering with other on-buy effects like Haggler or Swamp Hag would hang the game.
    • Removed fixed bug where Prince+Scheme/Princed Traveller would cause the Schemed card/the original Traveler being played from the hand/pile next turn/turns.

  • 20-07-31:

    • Removed fixed bug that Royal Carriage could sometimes be called when the Action card it replays was no longer in play.
    • Removed fixed visual bug that allowed Scheme to select cards to topdeck that weren't going to be discarded this turn (usually Durations and Throne Rooms that played them). Renaissance's Improve card made it necessary to find the correct set for game-play purposes, so it was applied to Scheme as well.
    • Removed fixed bug that an attack with an adventure token on its pile played while Urchin was in play causes the token effect(s) to be done first, only then the choice if to trash Urchin for Mercenary was given. The fix was to give the player that choice for the +1 Card token but not the others, because for the others it doesn't make a difference (it can for +1 Card if the deck is empty; then the gained Mercanry is shuffled into the deck when the +1 Card effect is done after the Urchin effect).


Modifications in August 2020:
I continue to update the Known Card Bugs list as per crlundy's remarks here.

  • 20-08-03:

    • Added Villager UI bug that does not allow you to spend Villagers in your Acion phase when the game auto advances to your buy phase. You having Diadem or your opponent having Possession are the usual reasons you might want to do this.
    • Added Way of the Mouse + Duration bug that discards a Duration card played using Way of the Mouse the turn it was played if the card set aside by Way if the Mouse is itself a Duration card.
    • Added Way of the Frog + Hermit or Prince bug that doesn't give a choice to order the Frog topdecking effect with other effects triggering on discarding a Hermit or Princed card played using Way of the Frog.
    • Added Black Cat multiplayer bug that where Black Cat hands out Curses in the wrong order.
    • Added Snowy Village + Villagers bot bug where the bot becomes stuck when playing Snowy Village when having Villagers.

  • 20-08-04:

    • Added Oracle + Way of the Chameleon UI bug where the Oracle player can not order his revealed cards to put back (important because they will not draw them but get +$2).
    • Added Wayfarer + Quarry bug where the cost shown on Wayfarer with a Quarry in play is correct, but buying it actually costs $2 less (the Quarry bonus).

  • 20-08-09:

    • Added Transport/Possession UI bug where you are not shown "your" Exiled Action cards when buying Transport while possessing your opponent.


Modifications in September 2020:

  • 20-09-02:

    • Added Priest/Way of the Chameleon bug that gives for trashing later in a turn only one kind of bonus (+$ or +cards), even when some Priests before were played normally and others using Way of the Chameleon.

  • 20-09-17:

    • Added Villagers/Snoyw Village/Coin of the Realms bug that allows you to play more Action cards from your hand than you should when Actions have run out but you have Villagers and a Coin of the Realms on the Tavern mat.
    • Added Extra Menagerie bug that can have you end up with a second pile of a Menagerie card when using that option.


Modifications in October 2020:

  • 20-10-25:

    • Added Herbalist/Way of the Mouse bug where playing Herbalist using Way of the Mouse playing a Duration card causes the "When discard" ability of Herbalist to trigger even when it stays in play until next turn.


Modifications in November 2020:

  • 20-11-18:

    • Added (likely very situational) Coin of the Realm bug where a player may be able to call Coin of the Realm(s) of opponent at the start of their turn for Actions that opponent played during their last turn.

  • 23-11-18:

    • Added Trader bug where the game becomes stuck if a player gains a card not belonging to a pile and reacts with Trader.

  • 23-11-29:

    • Added Royal Carriage call bug that under some circumstances allows a Royal Carriage to be called on a card no longer in play.


Modifications in December 2020:

  • 20-12-07:

    • Added Way of the Frog bug that where it doesn't topdeck cards played using it when it's not those cards' player's turn (say Black Cat).
  • 20-12-24:

    • Added Swamp Hag/Duplicate bug that might rarely give you a second Curse when Dupliating a card bought under Swamp Hag.


Modifications in January 2021:

  • 21-01-09:

    • Added Plaza/Villager bug that makes the bot become stuck it plays Plaz, has Villagers but no more Action cards in hand.


Modifications in February 2021:

  • 21-02-04:

    • Added (now removed) Merchant bug that gives the +$1 bonus in a rare case when it shouldn't, namely when playing Silver triggers playing Merchant.