How do pay off Debt??

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Just bought Empires, on a Windows 10 PC (newest Firefox browser).

I have now played a few games with "sample" Empire decks, to start learning about the cards.  Yesterday, I used Debt for the first time, in buying Capital.  (This may have been a poor decision in terms of what to learn on, as its wording suggests that you get new debt Each time you use it, right?).  I also, later, bought Engineer, which also gives a one-time Debt of 4.

As I played hands, I noticed a few things.  (1) Even with outstanding debt (which I can see in a small counter, near the VP counter, at the lower-left of the screen), I can still buy cards as normal.  Victory cards, action cards, coin cards, etc.

(2) I cannot figure out how to pay off the debt.  In the game log, I can see where it says that I now have the option to buy cards or pay off debt.  But it's not a hot link (like "pay off Wine Merchant" or "call Ratcatcher") at that location.  I can see a slider, where--if I move it--it moves debt numbers up or down.  But that can only INCREASE my debt, as far as I can tell, and does not pay anything off.  I see buttons like "autoplay treasures (ie, the default action) and 'no treasures.'  But, oddly, no "pay off debt" button.

Can someone walk me through the process of paying off debt? 
Step One: ____
Step Two: ____
etc etc

Thanks for the info . . . I can't be the only one with this issue. I'm sure it's really obvious, once one knows the steps.  :-)

p.s.  If I knew how to do a screen shot and paste it in here, I would do so, of course.


1) Put the slider to how much debt you want to pay off(bearbeitet)
2) optionally play money
Note that you can only play money if you haven't bought a card yet, so if you wanna buy a debt card and pay part of that debt back, you need to play the money before buying
3)Press the x debt button to pay off x debt
money cards from your hand will automatically be played if necessary and possible

Also, if you try to buy a card while havingdebt and have enough money to do, money will automatically be spent to pay off the debt first.