"You can't host a game before confirming your email" error after rematching

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Got this strange error message after finishing a game, then trying to be Ready again.



Having hosted and joined many other games before, and having imported an account and got paid cards and everything, I think it's safe to say the email address was confirmed at some point.

This was just a weird one-off error that came out of nowhere and was gone the next time I started a match.


I am having the same problems.  I've been playing for a few months now and confirmed my email previously.  Now it's giving me this message "You can't host a game before confirming your email."  So I went ahead and confirmed it again and it won't let me play.  Username " heyphoenix". TIA


The problem isn't on your side, your email is correctly confirmed. From other, recent, similar reports, I assume you joined tables manually. Is that correct?

I've messaged the developer and am trying to find a working theory of what has happened.