"Unfamiliar Cards" Selection and Max amount do not work

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I've transferred over almost all of the dominion expansions from Making Fun, yet I seem to almost always get games with only base game cards. I tried shutting off all of base game for "familiar cards" and then set max unfamiliar cards to 0 and I still almost always get entirely base game kingdoms.

Can other people not use my expansion cards if they don't have them like in Making Funs version?

Also, not dropping a penny on anymore subscription once my "1 year" runs out. I bought those outright in the old version and am quite annoyed that at $15/each they are now only a year subscription left.

They really need to honor permanent purchases.  Won't be buying anymore physical expansions either, no more money for you Donald Vaccarino !


If you use the quick match button or host/join a table (without unchecking respect familiar cards in the table options) your opponent's familiar cards will also be taken into consideration. You can avoid this by using the good match button instead (or checking the option mentioned above at your table)