Bot has frozen trying to discard from Vault

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My current game on my account (same username as this) is frozen. I left it up instead of resigning so that you can poke around in it if you need to debug.

What happened was that I played a vault, and Lord Rattington took a long time (~30 seconds) trying to decide if it wanted to discard. I tried refreshing the page to see if that would help, but when I got back the game was stalled - I cannot click on anything.

Thanks for taking a look at this!


This exact same thing has just happened to me also -- hangs when Lord Bottington is trying to discard from a Vault I played.


Same deal here. It has happened a couple times, typically when I'm using vault as a draw card in an engine and have played it multiple times. My suspicion is that it is when Lord R has 1 or 0 cards left and tries to discard.