Game stuck after Province pile empty

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Game #2984454 on tokyo.

My playing partner bought the last province and the game got stuck.


This happens to me most of the time.  It is frustrating. I'm hoping for a fix soon.


Same problem, also in case of three empty piles.


3157050 on oregon similar issue but I keep getting logged back into the game despite having resigned, refreshed, rebooted, the whole nine yards.  This game won't go away.


And this was not the user I was originally playing: UNKNOWN_47000 but now it's all over the log, and I still cannot resign or anything.   Every time I sign on again, I'm redirected to this dead game. 


Instead of clicking "Login", you should try "Kick & Resign" below. That should get rid of the dead game.

In terms of not getting to the result screen, it seemed that this problem existed on Firefox for me but not on Chrome - and also only in some places (Windows 10).


Also firfox on macOS and in Safari and Vivaldi


Same issue here. After winning the game the game get's stuck and does not go to the endscreen. When I lose (which happened too often today :) ) it does not get stuck, strange enough.

I'm on the ipad with chrome. This did not happen untill today.

When I hit reload, I get the message already logged in. Then I have to log in (normally it remembers my credentials) and I go to the normal start screen. The game is correctly logged.


I was pleased with the kick and resign as a solution.  Thanks for that feature!


Same here. Game #4444266 on frankfurt.

I bought out all remaining provinces, and the game should have ended. But instead it got stuck on "Waiting for JW" after reshuffling as if the game was continuing. The recent log:

J shuffles their deck.
J draws an Estate, a Duchy, an Expand and 2 King's Courts.
Reshuffling the Black Market deck.

Fortunately, I was able to resign the game (that the server should have recognized I had already won) and move on.