Rating and game number does not change for 2 days

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Since May 1 I played 10-15 games, but game number on the leaderboard does not change, and so does not rating itself.


Same here. Also the levels for multiplayer, as displayed during the game, have been reset to 20.

In the meantime I use scavenger (for example: http://dominion.lauxnet.com/scavenger/?user=zirael) for 1-on-1 ratings.


Note that while the in-game rating list displays outdated information, the program is using updated information. For example, at the moment the in game rating list says my level is 46. I just played a rated game and the level shown there in the log is 47.59, exactly as what lauxnet shows as my current level.

Of course it is unfortunate that the highly visible in-game rating list has this problem, because people think their games are not being taken into account.