Multiple Tacticians

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At the beginning of the turn, it always says "+1 Buy, +1 Action and draws...ALL CARDS" for an activated Tactician, even if there's been more than one activated (in my case +Card on Tactician and Royal Carriage):

Turn 17 - markus
m starts their turn.
m gets +1 Buy, +1 Action and draws 2 Coppers, 2 Silvers, 2 Provinces, a Mill, a Disciple, 2 Giants, a Lost City, a Royal Carriage, a Teacher and 2 Black Markets (Tactician).

Game 3670179


When I load this game, I always end up in turn 3 of markus' opponent, even though it has apparently 318 decision points. Is anybody else able to load this game any time later?


Interesting, not loading correctly is a different bug - maybe Scheme was in the Black Market deck?

Just to make sure again, it was only a log issue. I got the extra Actions and Buys correctly.
So you could reproduce it by creating a Kingdom with e.g. Tactician, Pathfinding and Royal Carriage. But my hunch is that the log just always says "+1 Buy, +1 Action" with Tactician, without even checking whether there have been more as those are (nice) edge cases.