"on gain" Inn in opponents turn

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game #4240905 on frankfurt
Turn 14 - touchit
t plays a Swindler.
W trashes a Duchy.
W gains an Inn.
W looks at 2 Curses, a Copper, 2 Plazas, a Silver, a Prince, 2 Inns, 2 Provinces, a Fortress, a Fortune Teller, 3 Duchies, 3 Swindlers and 2 Pearl Divers.

I am W.
T plays a swindler in his turn and hits one of my duchys. He chooses to replace it with an "Inn". When I gain an Inn, the on-gain effect triggers and a popop with my discard file appears. I do NOT get any buttons, nor a chance to choose any actions. After a few sec, the popup disappears and the game continues.

As I did not manage to hit a 5-card of T with my swindler, I cannot confirm how it looks on the other side. My guess is that T got the buttons to decide about my actions.

My understanding of the rules is that the "on gain" effect doesnt care about which players turn it is - if i gain an "ill gotten gains" due to a swindler, I distribute curses in my opponents turn. So with "Inn", I should be able to choose my action cards to be reshuffled.


You are correct.
I've reproduced this bug from the other side and it seems that the swindling player gets a "done selecting" button but no card display window.