"done reacting" button for Coin of the Realm

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I'm not sure exactly what the cause of this is, but it's game 4610345. If I have Coins of the Realm on my Tavern Mat, I believe there's an effort made to not make me stop and click "done reacting" unless there's a real need for that (like you're in the middle of a Throne Room chain or something like that). I don't see anything on this board that would prompt me to need to keep telling the client I don't want to call my Coins yet, yet I have to do this a lot more than just at the end of my Action phase.

I think the real fix for this is an autoplay where it only asks you if you want to call a CotR when you have zero actions remaining, but maybe there's something weird going on that this sheds light on.

EDIT: I think it might just be whenever I play an Overlord as something. I understand why it's coded this way, but maybe it's really easy to check whatever card Overlord/BoM/whatever else is mimicking, instead of what card it actually is? If so, this seems like a welcome change until the autoplay is done.


I think you are right with the Overlord. I tried a game with Overlord as Band of Misfits as Caravan, and in this case I had to click "Stop reacting" twice, before I got to the usual interface of calling the Coin or normally playing another action from hand. This is consistent with 3 action card playings being finished. The same is true for Royal Carriage.


Quote from: Ingix on 23 June 2017, 03:32:10 PM
The same is true for Royal Carriage.

Hmm, if this is true then autoplay isn't the only answer (although it would still be nice for CotR), and there are going to be situations where I'm playing a King's Court chain with RCs on the mat and the interface just has to be annoying :-(

...but what I suggested with Overlord (and apparently also BoM) would be nice to have regardless. Also a feature where I don't have to click "done reacting" more than once to continue playing when nothing has happened in between those clicks would be good.