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Please take a minute to check your personal message settings. If your "Receive personal messages from:" setting is configured to "Buddies and Administrators only" or "Administrators only" your opponent may not be able to contact you. This setting should be modified (or your opponent and moderator should be added as buddies) for the duration of your participation in the tournament.


Any suggestions for what to do if you haven't heard from your opponent? Mine wrote an initial message but I haven't heard back from my reply so we don't have timing yet. Would a reply be blocked if the settings are restricted?


If their settings are blocking messages, it should tell you when you attempt to send the message.

If your opponent is not responding, you should contact your moderator, and keep them filled in on the status of your messages.

If you've heard from your opponent once, hopefully they will get back to you.

Another note to everyone... Maybe sure your email notifications are not going to spam if you rely on them. I noticed mine were last week.


Thanks, I added "Notify by email" to my setting


Another good idea: change your settings to save a copy of each message you send in your sent items. That way you will be able to refer to it in case your opponent does not respond, or if you need more assurance that your message was sent successfully.