Make "Pretend to Think" for Gladiator a toggle-able option

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Gladiator is the one card that gives a "pretend to think" option. Please remove this option or make it a toggle, such that players can turn off "pretend to think" themselves. Mic Qsenoch explains the reasoning well in the quote below.

Quote from: Mic Qsenoch on 11 June 2017, 06:29:10 PM
It's more like, Gladiator goes against the pattern of revealing information, I think it's the only place in the interface where you can do this kind of thing, everywhere else the no choice things happen automatically and also there's no general way to pretend about Reactions. I don't personally want any of the pretending stuff, I think information leakage like that is almost never strategically significant in practice (it's of course easy to construct cases where it matters in principal). Gladiator isn't too onerous because it usually only happens a handful of times in a game.


actually, in my honest opionion  ;) make it the other way round.
Give me a "pretend to think" button for every Minion played - so I may or may not have a Moat in hand.

But this topic has been discussed since back in the old days of BSW's (brettspielewelt) online Domionion.


The larger issue to me -- with this and many, many other interface issues -- is CONSISTENCY.

In this case, either provide this "Pretend to think" option for all relevant cases or none of them. Having it for one of them feels very odd.

Once consistency is achieved, the next step is providing user preferences.

Max Mapleton

Can there be an automatic timeout on the Pretend to Think button? It could be a random time between, say, 5 and 10 seconds. If the player isn't paying attention to the game while it's not their turn, this would keep the game moving without giving any information to the other player(s).