Quarterfinals Matchups & Results

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Hi everyone,

Congratulations on making it to the Quarter Finals; everyone who made it here is leaving with at least 6 months of Gold subscription! You'll find your name and your opponents' in this thread. We will be making plans to stream every match from here on out, so you should be contacted by an organizer to arrange this. You should still contact your opponent to start discussing your schedules. After completing your match, please make a post in this thread with the result of your game. If you played unrated games, please write down the game numbers and post them as well.

You can announce your matches in the dedicated thread here.

You can view the full bracket here.

Here are all the matches. If there are problems in your match or your opponent is unresponsive while scheduling, please contact your moderator.

matchPlayer 1 (forum name)-Player2 (forum name)Moderator
251Dan Brooksvs.gamesouirrationalE
252Jsh357 (jsh)vs.SkiesDeadlock39


Mercury444F 4 - 2 Sicomatic.

# 8391926
# 8392977
# 8393247
# 8394436
# 8394824
# 8395651

Well played and good luck for the semi-final!


SamE 4 - 0 LazyDog


Match streamed by funkdoc and vsiewnar here: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/187730450