! version 1.3.2 should have taken care of the invisble landmark/event problem !

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*** This description is outdated as of game version 1.3.2. If you still have the effect of missing landmarks/events with version 1.3.2 or newer, please post a screenshot, if possible, or the game number! ***

Currently there is a problem in the game client that will 'hide' one landmark/event in certain browser window sizes/aspect ratios. The problem is being worked on, but the following things you can do to

a) quickly check if you are potentially affected, and
b) thouroughly check if you are really affected, and
c) mitigate the issue.

A) Check if you are potentially affected:

The problem seems to occur only if both of the following conditions apply:
1) exactly eleven 'square' Kingdom cards    (Young Witch + Bane card, or Looters including Ruin pile into the supply), and
2) no 'banner only' piles  (non-supply card piles like Spoils, Madman or the new boons/hexes that don't have a picture, only a 'banner' with their name)

If both conditions are true and you use at least 2 events/landmarks, then it may happen that exactly one is located in a place that hides it from normal view.

B) What can you do if you are (potentially) affected?

3) Change the size of your browser window, including the aspect ratio (width to height).
4) Go from fullscreen to 'normal' and back to fullscreen.

Creating an extreme aspect ratio in 3) will usually do the trick, like making a very wide window with small height, or a window in portait format that is much taller than wide. If in these cases you don't see an additional event/landmark, then there is none.

C) If you find out that you are affected, you can

5) try to find a browser window size that shows all events/landmarks and is as acceptable to you as possible, or
6) if it is a landmark, you just remember that it is there and does its job, even if it has no visible on-screen implementation.

Martin plays Piano

Hi Ingix,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent support. Your analyses for reported bugs and special cases and your always helpful and brilliantly structured answers and tips are a real enrichment for this forum.
I assume, you are doing all this on a voluntary basis and having a lot of fun with it - really good moderation performance - thx a lot.

Have fun


I agree - bravo Ingix... and thanks all the mods and others who work hard on this amazing game :)


Nirol the Wise

My wife and I played a game earlier this evening with this problem- but it had banner cards (at least boons, maybe hexes, Bats...). She said something about Orchard and I was like "what orchard?"

it was game #8193064  on tokyo if someone wants to take a look. I'm running Safari with Mac OS 10.3.6 on a 15" MacBook Pro, Retina, early 2013. My browser window is expanded to take up the full screen, but not in full screen mode. I didn't come looking for fixes until after the game, so I didn't try resizing the window.


Hi, Nirol, thanks for posting the report. Unfortunately, I just saw it today, when a new game version (1.3.2) has been released that should take care of the problem. But even when I did the experiments once the error had surfaced, I never could create the problem with banner piles.

If you find any layout problems with the new version, please report them!