Lost connection when the server updated

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Genghis Khanival

I was playing a game and lost the connection when the server updated to allow Nocturne cards. I couldn't log back in time and I suppose my opponent assumed I just ran away, which is annoying because it happened right as I bought the last province to win. I'm afraid I can't give you the game number, obviously, but I thought I'd mention that it happened.

Lest this sound like a complaint, thank you for putting the previews online! This is just an unfortunate coincidence...


Everything should be fine when the "loss of connection" happens before showing the end-of-game screen. That happens because the server responsible for that screen is not available anymore. The game should count as a win for you and similarly stop for your opponent.
If it was a rated 2 player game you can check http://dominion.lauxnet.com/scavenger/ to see the result as logged.

The more significant problem occurs when you lose connection during the game when an update happened. Then you can't reconnect and your opponent has to time you out. That is unfortunate but not easy to fix.

Genghis Khanival

Looks like I misinterpreted what happened. Thanks for your help!

Mike Thicke

This is pretty annoying. I was near the end of the game and all of a sudden I was told my client was too old and to refresh. When I did, the game was gone. You should either be able to reconnect, or you should prevent new games for some period of time between a software update. So frustrating just to have a long game disappear on you.


I agree that this is annoying. But as was witnessed during the Nocturne preview week, where updates happened twice a day, it is possibly more annoying when you can't see certain Kingdom cards because your client doesn't know about them.

There should be a grace period of say 1 hour, during which you should be able to finish your game, even if you have to reconnect for whatever reasons. I have no idea how hard this will be a to do, and since updates regularly happen not that often, it may not be high priority.


Also usually the game does end correctly. If your opponent resigns "near the end of the game", your experience will be that you're kicked out of the client, but the game was correctly scored. There is only a (big) problem, if you lose connection before ending the game for reasons on your end.