Android Compatibility?

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Hi, thanks for the update! I was very excited to try it out and tried to start a new game with a bot.

Unfortunately the update moved the buttons around even more and the "ready" button is now outside of the screen and I can't even start the game. It's in both, landscape and horizontal mode of my tablet and smartphone. Before the update it was barely visible and clickable. Sorry to bug you with it!

Edit: I could start a game in the inconvenient full screen browser which kicks you out of the session after every game. The reordering works good! There is always a orange boarder around the card one to the left of the card i am moving, which might be a minor bug.


Try selecting "Desktop site" from Android Chrome menu.

It is also sometimes possible to trick Android Chrome into going to fullscreen. You need to zoom in, scroll down and zoom out. Unfortunately it does not work always.


Hi :) both of your tips helped a lot! With the desktop site i can find the ready button in portrait and I managed to full screen with your wizardry. How did you find out?


The site not fully showing (and buttons being lost in the area 'below') is a problem. I'm not totally sure why it happens.

About the orange border: That is a fallback mode for the reorder window. In case you have problems moving a card, you can just click/touch it and it will exchange places with the orange card. If you can move the card for more than a few pixels, this border vanishes.