Why are there still buttons in the log?

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Okay, look.  I was fine with it a year ago, when the client came out.  Buttons in the logs.  A bit janky, but it'll get fixed.  Since then, well, I don't need to say anything.  So!  Rather than gripe, here's some suggestions:

Start of Turn Effects:

At the start of a turn with multiple mandatory start of turn effects, well, the play space is empty!  Start of turn.  So move an image of all the cards into the play space and give them glowing red borders, and fade the rest of the screen except for your hand (20% screen just to fade it, let people disable it in the options if they want).  Clicking on card says "play it". 

For optional cards, do the same but don't fade everything, and outline the optional cards in yellow.  This will also let you mix and match mandatory and optional triggers, since the red/yellow will tell players which is which. 


Enemy attack: Pop them up 50 pixels or so, and outline them in blue (since blue is the color of reactions).   Put the attack card on the screen in the opponent's area - so you see Militia, and can react with Diplomat, Moat, or both.  Add a button "hide attack card" so people can see the board, and a button "Don't react."  If the card isn't in your hand, pop up an image of the card with a "hide" button.

For reactions you trigger, pop them up the same, same with the button.  Same deal with them no longer being in your hand for the reaction, same with the hide button.

I know you're missing a UI designer, and that therefore this is very difficult, but I think it's very much worth considering, especially if you get one.  It's low hanging fruit.


I've suggested this before, but I really think the only way to make Dominion Online an actual polished/professional looking game is for them to hire a real UI designer. Even if it's just a consultant with a limited contract, it would make a huge difference in the overall presentation of the game.

Obviously, money sucks, and I have no idea how feasible this actually is.