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showing running games

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Kevin K

I am not sure if this is technically a bug or not.  When I use the Tables tab to look at the games, it only shows new and post-game for the two player tables, no games appear as running.  For 3+ player games, new, running and post-game tables all show up.  Been like this for a couple of days, if I want to spectate on a game, there are none shown as running.
Thanks, KK


Thanks for reporting this problem, Kevin!

However, could you post screenshots of those 2 cases?

For me, it currently looks like in the file attached. If I click on the option to "Show running games", it does so, both for 2 and 3 player games.

Kevin K

Here is what mine shows.  3-player shows running games.  I scrolled to the bottom of the 2-player which is where normally the running games are shown.  This shows only post-game, there was one new one at the top.
Thanks, Kevin

Kevin K


Hallo Kevin,

the behavior is a mixture of unmentioned limitations (1) and undiscoverable UI (2,3):

1) The list in "Tables" will only show a maximum of 50 tables.

2) The selection is done by ordering according to one of the four column headers: "Host", "Players", "Spectators" and "Status"

3) You can select according to which column is ordered by clicking on the column header (click again for a reverse order).

For example, if you click on "Host", you get the alphabetically first 50 entries, which at the moment starts with "9..." and goes to "e...". If I click on "Host" again, I get games hosted by "Y..." to "S...".

The default column seems to be "Status", where the order is "New" then "Post-game" and finally "Running". For 2-player games (the vast majority), there are more than 50 games in the "New" and "Post-game" state, so they're the only ones you see. For 3+ player games (far less, 25 at the moment) there normally are less than 50 in "New" and "Post-game" state, so you see some as running.

If you want to see some (proabably not all) 2 player running games, just click on "Status", and the order will be reversed, now with "Running" at the top (and possibly the only entry).

Kevin K

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense, I didn't know that it was sortable by header, is this in the documentation anywhere?

Thanks again,  Kevin


I don't think this has been mentioned. I'll try to think of something to make it easier to discover when you are on the page.