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I hope this post is in the appropriate forum...my apologies if it is not.

I am somewhat new to Dominion Online and have a question related to the "Familiar Cards" list.  From what I can tell based on the FAQ, various information posts on this forum, and my limited gameplay (47 matches), while the system gives you the ability to identify the cards with which you are familiar, it appears that you only have the ability to limit the kingdoms cards to your "Familiar Cards" list if the game is unrated but not if it is rated.

First, I was hoping someone could clarify whether or not this is indeed true.  If so, I would be interested in an explanation of the rationale for this difference between unrated and rated games.  IRL I have the ability to limit the kingdom to certain cards/expansions that I am familiar with, so it seems bizarre that Dominion Online would not allow this option for all games, whether or not they are rated.

Perhaps this ability does exist for rated games but only if you create the table/match conditions yourself?  I concede that a majority of my matches occurred after I joined an existing table created by my opponent (as opposed to creating my own table and waiting for an opponent), but I know I have created some of my own tables too, and I seem to recall that I have played with unfamiliar cards in some of those matches.  If I am willingly joining a table with conditions established by someone else, then I understand that unfamiliar cards are something I might contend with, but if I create my own table, I feel like I should be able to limit the available cards to those of my choosing, even if it's a rated game.

I would appreciate some clarity on this issue from anyone out there knowledgeable about it.  Thank you much!


It's correct that automatched rated games don't respect familiar cards. The default option for a new table is not to respect familiar cards, either.

But you can create your own table with a rated game that respects familiar cards: both options are included in the "Advanced Options" after creating a table.
Anyone that joins the table sees that you selected those options and is of course free to agree or not.
That way you could also select specific cards or expansions.


Quote from: markus on 19 April 2018, 08:47:29 AM
But you can create your own table with a rated game that respects familiar cards: both options are included in the "Advanced Options" after creating a table.

I don't think that is possible, markus. When I do what you suggest, clicking one option of "Rated game" and "Respect familiar cards" while the other is already checked, the newly clicked option will be set, but the other will be unchcked.

The rationale behind not having "Rated game" and "Respect familiar cards" be available together is, AFAIK, that rated games should reflect the ability of players to deal with all (or at least a sizable amount) of existing Dominion cards.

It was feared that players would study a certain Kingdom until they were very good at it, then mark only those cards from that Kingdom as familiar and play rated games. They would always play with the same Kingdom, and have an advantage over their opponent's, who would see that Kingdom for the first time.