Signups 2018 Dominion Online Championship

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Quote from: Ingix on 08 July 2018, 10:10:03 PM
Hey everyone,

if you want to participate in the tournament, please use this thread to sign up.
Check out the post below this a bit later to find out if everything is OK for your signup or if there are problems that need to be addressed.

If your username on Dominion Online is different from your forum username, please mention it in your post. Please remember that your account should have the required Gold subscription lasting until November 7th or later and 20 rated games played by September, 14th.

The tournament will start on September, 17th. Signups officially end on September, 10th. There may be a few more spots available to fill up the bracket, but if you want to garuantee your spot, sign up before the deadline.

Please use this thread only to sign up. You can ask questions or make comments here and read the rules here. Other types of comments will be moved/removed from here. If you need to sign out, make a new post to say so.

Summary: You must have a current Gold subscription to play. That means being subscribed to every expansion (up to and including Nocturne), between September 14th until at least November 7th. Also, you need to have 20 rated games by September 14th.

I would like to sign up. My username is the same as on here: gemini6ice




Mikecules would like enter the tournament.