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This thread is for question regarding the signups, rules or anything else on your mind. Please ask them here instead of the Signups thread.

Basic info:

Signups are open until September 10th, the tournament starts September 17th.

Your commitment to the tournament is one match containing up to seven games per week until you are eliminated (single elimination).

Your skill level/forum activity is irrelevant, everybody may signup. Please make sure you're active during the tournament, though. If you signed in and something comes up, please make a new post in the signup thread to say you want to cancel your sign-in.

Also, check out the rules for further information.


It says must have active gold until at least 7/11/2018, but mine runs out on the 3rd. Is there any way to top it up so it goes over the threshold?


Yes. There will be an option to buy 2 month worth of (Gold) subscription in the client. If you use that option on September 8th or later, your Gold subscription will be prolonged until Nov. 8th (or later).

Note that you only have to pay for the days not yet covered, which would amount to ca. 5 days in your case if you do it on Sept. 8th.

Of course, you can also buy a 3 month Gold subscription now, which will cost more but of course also last longer (and will fully cover the tournament period).


How many events/landmarks are allowed? Maximum 2?


There is no limit other than what's technically possible on Dominion Online. Of course, allwing 4 landscapes or requiring 2 or anything similar would be a non-default match configuration, subject to opponent's approval.


that makes sense  :), thx for the reply!


My opponent don't reply my mail.

Please tell me what should I do.

Gary Wise

Is there a closing date for round 1? Do we know when we'll be starting round 2?


The round 1 matches should end before Monday, 6 AM UTC. So Round 2 pairings should be available later that day. I have no idea how many hung matches we will have and what we do with them, though.


It doesn't look like my opponent is going to respond to my mails for play. What I'd recommend for new players next year is to go into Messages, Change Settings, and enable "Notify by email every time you receive a personal message".


Yes, basically we should have asked the players for permission to send them one *email*. Of course, my initial email linked to this site was one I look at once per week.


A reminder email for previous players would be nice, too. I often take months off at a time, but this tournament always gets me playing again.


The email address you provide here in this forum is AFAIK not used at all under normal cicrumstances, unless you let incoming forum messages for you be forwarded to that email address.

Many people *hate* spam mail and getting some annoucement that they may or may not care about falls for those that don't care under spam.

Maybe some newsletter where you have to explicitely sign in that announces mayor things once would be appropriate for those that play the game infrequently.


Oh, yeah, I agree that it should be opt-in only. (And even just a forum message would have been sufficient for me to see it, since I do have them forwarded to email.)