Apprentice (trash) everything until he's just apprenticing himself!

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Game 16707237 Tokyo, the bot used Apprentice to trash all of its cards until all it had left was one Apprentice.  That's it; one card every turn...hilarious to watch but a bit silly for an AI.



Also can happen in games with Ambassador.  By the end of my last game with Lord Rat--with Ambassador in Kingdom--Rat had in its hand: 1 Prov, 1 Dutchy, 1 Duke, and 1 Ambassador...having given tons of free silver and several valuable action cards to me over the course of the game. 

These types of games are funny to look at, but not at all enjoyable to play, of course.  I guess Apprentice and Ambassador are especially difficult to code for.


Possibly same/similar bug. Game with Chapel, Junk Dealer, and Counterfeit; as far as I can tell bot bought nothing besides those (maybe a silver?)

At one point I played a Pillage and saw he had a hand of one junk dealer and four counterfeits. Over the course of the game he bought 8 counterfeits.

He ended with a deck of nothing but one junk dealer.

Game #40578945 on frankfurt.