Round 1 Results

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The preferred method for reporting match results is to use the following google form.

If there are problems with the form (like you mistyped the result, etc.) post your Round 1 results here.

Format: Player ABC - Player XYZ : 4-1

(Once the match is decided by a player reaching 3.5 points, the remaining games are not needed to be played for the tournament).

Matchups and reported results will be visible here.


I'm saisyou.

My oppounent PeasantKing toss dominion online championship 2018 because of busy.


I'm ramue.
My opponent couldn't come because of busy.
ramue win thetedinator resign


I haven't heard from my opponent yet; have been bcc'ing drsteelhammer.


I have not received a response to my messages to my opponent, kekeisan. I have messaged drsteelhammer explaining the situation in detail.