Signups 2018 Dominion Online Championship

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Great, thank you very much for letting me know!  I just paid for 2 months.

Quote from: Ingix on 12 September 2018, 10:42:58 PM
Answer to Philosophy1, copied here because others may have a similar concern:

Your fear of paying double is unfounded. If you pay for 2 month, and still have 15 days left, the price for the 15 days will be substracted from the price you have to pay.

If you start the buying process, the last thing on the Dominion Online website will be a list wich says (paraphrased)
Gold subscription:   7.00€
Already subscribed:  -1.70€

The -1.70€ is the value if your remaining subscription for 15 days.


@Philosophy1: Noted and thanks! Have fun playing


put me in if possible.
i will get the gold tomorrow



I'm in if spots are still available.  Diggler7


I would also like to sign up if it's still available


Dominion Online Championship: sign me up, please


I am withdrawing from the tournament, there's a reasonable chance I won't have time to play every match for the entire duration of the tournament. So I rather withdraw before it starts than risk disturbing the competition by giving somebody a free win deeper in the tournament or something.


(Late) Signups are closed!

The set of participating players will be posted shortly in a final update to the second post of this thread.