Hamlet not giving "Both" option

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When playing any game with Hamlet i only get 2 boxes:
a) Discard for Action
b) Discard for Buy
c) Don't discard

There used to be c) Both, and then you just played a card if you didn't want to discard.
Kinda reduces the value of Hamlet for me.

I'm running Firefox 62.0.3 (64-bit) and Windows 7 64-bit.


If you want to do both, you need to discard for action first, and then discard for buy. That follows the card text now, and there are edge cases when it matters (in theory at least).


Thanks. Still liked the old system better but at least now I can play the card as intended.


I'll just reply here instead of creating a new thread. I have one big issue with hamlet, and that is that it gives both discard options simultaneously, but after you click discard for buy, you no longer have the option to discard for an action. If you remove the "both" option from the interface, then make it ask for discard first, then for buy. It is very misleading right now and I've lost multiple games from wanting to discard both but starting with buy, and then being "too polite" to ask for an undo, just keep on clicking and later on having a terrible finish of the turn due to missing that one +action.


If you don't ask for an Undo with Hamlet, I humbly suggest you're being self-destructive, rather than polite.  This is a card that is well-known for having a confusing interface.  There are absolutely no experienced players who will begrudge you an Undo.  Or even a few of them in a game.

Don't be shy.  If you "misplay" Hamlet, you have not received any new information, and there is no reason to feel embarrassed about asking for that Undo.


Well, your opponent can't tell from the game log whether your opponent asked for the undo after he clicked "discard for buy" or before (ie, you are asking undo on playing the hamlet, which drew you a card). So it's different from let's say playing a bridge. Of course you can explain in chat and then ask for undo. Anyway, the main point is it should let you discard for action afterwards, or not already give you the option to discard for buy right after playing it (or some other solution, like have the game log say you clicked discard for buy).


The question is how to improve the UI to make it clear that when you 'discarded for buy', the time time to 'discard for Action' is gone. The question is *not* to allow them to happen in any order, although it may not matter in 99% of cases.

My personal idea would be to change the text on the 2nd button from "Discard for buy" to "Discard for buy only", when all 3 options (this + 1st "Discard for Action" and 3rd "Don't discard") are shown. This should IMO make it clear that if you click this, you do not get the option to discard for an Action later.