Royal Carriage played by plain Vassal can't be called to the Vassal

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When you discard and play a Royal Carriage via Vassal, you can't call it to the Vassal. it's curious that this bug doesn't happen when you play the Vassal via sorta Throne Room.

#30279466 for investigation.
T8 was wrong. I played RC via normal Vassal, but couldn't called it. I was still in Action phase with Action cards in hand.
T9 was correct. I played RC via Throned Vassal, and called it to the Vassal.
T10 was wrong. This time I had no hand after playing, so the game went to Buy phase without chance to call it.
T12 was correct. I played RC via Throne Room, and I could call it to the Throne Room.

These evaluation are on the basis of my assumption that "finish playing" timing for play-something-else abilities comes after completing effects of "something else". What do I overlook?


I don't think your are overlooking anything, I can confirm all your assessments.

All the incorrect cases seem baffling, because they seem really simple. If only turn 10 was incorrect, one could think it has to do with automatically (incorrectly) going to the buy phase, but turn 8 proves that is not the case.

I already have an instance of Royal Carriage/Vassal in the known bugs list, this seems to be an extension of it, I have to look into it in detail.

I know that in order to present a good UI for Royal Carriage in case of chains, there had to be some work done and maybe that gets into problems here.

ADDED: On further reading the old bug reports, it seems what you found is exactly another instance of the problem described there. If you play Vassal from your hand using an Action, it considers itself 'played' way to early. That means in your case that happens before the Royal Carriage is even played, so under that incorrect understanding of "played" for the Vassal, Royal Carriage can't be called.

If you play the Vassal by some other means (Golem, or as you did, Throne Room), this problem goes away, for unknown reasons.