Looks like a lot of the AI issues are never going to be resolved

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A little disheartening to read the 'Known Bot Issues' post and see that it is nearly 3 years old without most of the known issues being resolved. About as long as Stash has been missing in action.

So I'll have to conclude the following...

The AI will never be sane when it comes to Counterfeit. It will always buy as many as possible but never use them to trash with.

The AI will never learn how to reveal a card. It will buy cards like Tournament and Legionary but never know how to use them right.

The AI will never learn how to use most all of the Events and Projects. I think it will occasionally use Trade to trash, but that's pretty much it.

The AI will continue to ignore the vast majority of cards in the game. The list of cards the AI won't bother with seem a lot longer than the cards it will actually use. Its fun sometimes to use Ambassador or Messenger to give the AI a card and watch how it has no clue how to use it.

Its painfully obvious that they cut corners with the AI and that upgrading the bot AI to something much more capable is beyond the will/desire of this company. While it'd be nice if the bots were better at what they did, I can't say its a huge priority or some major problem. It merely means the bots aren't all that competitive. I doubt anybody subscribes to Dominion Online to mainly play the bots. And I'm pretty sure those of us that sometimes play against the bots do it to try out new cards, so win/loss kind of doesn't matter for those type of matches. As wonky as the bot AI is, its not a dealbreaker for me. I think that there's a limit anyway to just how competitive AI can be in Dominion. Besides, I think this company gets all the important stuff right. No big deal if the AI bots are kind of dumb and easy to beat. Everything else works great.


You are definitely an optimistic glass-is-half-full sort of chap.  A good thing, I think.  :)

I suspect that the number of people who only play against Lord Rat or play LR almost always (upwards of 90% of their games) would be really high--certainly much higher than you would guess.  Stef could chime in, in this thread, and give us the exact figures, if he wants us to have this information. [hint hint]   :-)


:x I play a -ton- of bots, and that's actually why I subbed for the last year or so, before getting involved in the online tournaments. I play from work, but I might get interrupted by a client, so I can't really do PvP

Wandered in here, after one game watching the bot play Bank first, and then another game with no reveal for Legionary, to see if there were any updates. So uh. +1 for the thread and it's lowkey begging for a bot update!
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I also would love to see fixing these AI issues take some priority.


Quote from: Hangar18 on 06 September 2019, 08:35:00 PM
I doubt anybody subscribes to Dominion Online to mainly play the bots.
That is exactly what I do/did.

As wonky as the bot AI is, its not a dealbreaker for me.
For me it was. After nearly two years of gold subscription, I decided not to extend my subscription. Not receiving a reminder that my subscription is about to end and only realizing later that something has changed was another dealbreaker. Don't they want my money?!


Writing an AI for a good bot is very very hard, but there are some easy fixes.  Like don't have a bot buy potion every time it's on the board and then never use it...