Inheritance: Once per game, or once PER PLAYER, per game??

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The text seems to suggest that Inheritance can be played only one time per game, regardless of the number of players.  Once I've played it, you no longer can.  (Adding "per player" language would certainly make it clear that each person can use Inheritance.)
But history has shown that my "logical" guesses about rules is pretty far off.  :)

{Sub-question: If Possession is in the game, and I use Inheritance while I am possessing you [I'd only do this if I could pick a crappy card, to prevent you from using Inheritance for a really good card later on in the game, of course...and this applies only if, in fact, each player gets to use it.], will this count as "my" Inheritance?  Or will it count as your use of Inheritance?}


You are right, adding "per player" would make it more clear that the intent is to have it used once per game per player.

Sub-question: As usual, the correct way to think about this is that while you Possess an opponent, all that is done is done by that opponent. So they bought Inheritance and used it an a crappy card. That has nothing to do with you. If you haven't yet, you can buy Inhertance and use it on the really good card.