Finals Match and the duel for 3rd place

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The Finals of the 2019 Dominion Online Championship will be played between

RTT and Freaky

and starts on

Saturday, 9th of November, 19:00 UTC = 2PM EST = (Nov., 10th) 4AM JST

The duel for 3rd place will be be

Mercury444F vs. ospond

and will be fought

Sunday, November 10th 14:00 UTC = 9AM EST = 11PM JST


Top 4 results of the 2019 Dominion Online Championship

1. Freaky,
2. RTT,
3. Mercury444F,
4. ospond.

Congratulations to all four but especially Freaky for the win.

I hope all particpants had fun. If you want to leave feedback and/or suggestions for next year, you can do (anonymously) at