how to correctly play Charm?

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Not sure if this is a bug, but . . .

Game: 3583220

Game had Charm, and 4 different 6-value cards (Gold, Farmland, Harem, and Nobles).
I had a hand with 6 coins and 2 Charms.  My thought was.  (a) Use the 6 coins to buy Gold, and then Charm, to get a Gold a Nobles.  Then, use the 2nd Charm to try to do the same exact gain a 3rd card.  My hope would be to get another Nobles--as it would still not be the "named" card.  But one of the other two still-not-yet-gained-this-turn cards would have been okay. 

Tried (via 'Undo') several times, but could not get "Gain equal-value card" more than once per turn.  Once I selected "gain card", the game's AI automatically stopped me from putting down any other Treasure...including, of course, that 2nd Charm.  Only way to play a second Charm was to select--with my first Charm--the "Buy + 2 coins" option.  The only thing that Charm says is "next time you buy a card...".  So, nothing there about "only once per turn" or any other limiting factor.  Hmmm. 

What would have happened if I had had 2 buys and 12 coins in play, instead of only 6?  Would the game's AI have recognized that I now had enough coins to play 6+ Charm, and then 6+ Charm?  My guess is no.

Is this a bug?  Or some subtlety that is whooshing over my head???


In general, you need to play all Treasures before buying a card, because you can't play them afterwards. (unless Villa or other edge cases)

So you need to first play all Charms and select how often you want to gain a copy. Then you buy the first card (e.g. Gold) and the game engine asks you which copies to get. You click at them one after the other. In your example: buy Gold, click on Nobles, click on Nobles again.


I do not see how this works.  When I played that first Charm, the AI **forces* me to pick one of the two options (ie, 2 + buy or 'gain equal card').  If I pick the first one, then of course I can continue to play more this second Charm.  But I do not see how to play Treasure, then play both Charms while getting the 'gain card' benefit from both Charms.

Are you saying that you (when you replayed my game, or when doing a deck that you set up) were able to play Treasure, play the first Charm (select "gain card") and then proceed on to playing that second Charm?  Cuz I sure could not.  And (via Undo) I did try different things about 4-5 times.


Your game number is too short, but I've done it plenty of times in other games.

Play 1st Charm: select "Gain Card"
Play 2nd Charm: select "Gain Card"
Click the card to buy
Click the first (differently named) card to gain
Click the second(differently named) card to gain


Thanks again, Marcus.
I tried setting up my own new deck.  35887223.

*THIS* time, it worked perfectly.  As you described your own experiences.  Play the normal Treasure.  Play first Charm (and select 'gain card').  Play second Charm and again select 'gain card.'  Buy your card and get chance to buy 2 different "equal" cards.

There does appear to have been a bug, as this workflow was exactly what I had tried (and why tried over-and-over, and eventually had to give up and post my question here).  On my original game, the chance to play additional Treasure ended as soon as I played a Charm AND selected 'gain card.'  It's really annoying to me that I screwed up when copying down the game number, since that makes it essentially impossible for anyone else to replicate.

Glad that it seems to be working perfectly on (all??) other games.  A really odd bug.